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Inside with the Kids? Check Out Some of Our Most Kid Friendly and Easy to Use Products!

Please note that we are currently still open during this time. As a small business, Cool Tools is a team made up of 11 people. Because we do not come in contact with the public as an online retailer and have been able to reduce the amount of employees in the work place to below 10 as some employees work from home, we plan on staying open until further notice. The safety and health of our employees is our number one priority, and please know that we are closely monitoring this crisis with intent to implement action as needed. We encourage you to take time to care for yourself, family and friends. We believe we’ll get through this soon, and we’re confident we’ll emerge stronger than ever.

Our templates are perfect for tracing or cutting out the perfect shape!
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Antique Molds
Antique Molds are easy to use and stick free push molds for resin, polymer clay, metal clay and more.
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Create Recklessly Artist’s Concrete
It’s easy to use: just add water, pigment and Artist’s Concrete sets in minutes, cures in about an hour. Artist’s Concrete is versatile and strong: pour it, mold it, tint it, and embed it with virtually anything!
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Faux Bone™
Faux Bone is a completely non-toxic, high grade rigid PVC that does not outgas (produce fumes) when heated properly. Because it is malleable at just below 250°F it can be heat formed into just about any shape. Faux Bone can take on a variety of finishes, has incredible strength, is light weight, and low cost.
It is truly a blank canvas!
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Paper Punches
Use these punches with EZ960® Sterling Silver Clay or FS999™ Fine Silver Clay to create simple and elegant jewelry in a snap, or for its intended purpose – paper!
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Pendant & Ring Settings
Simply add the gemstone of your choice to these pre-made settings. Available in silver, bronze, copper and brass.
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Textured Metal
Cut out design shapes, add color with enamels and patina, embellish, form and shape these versatile sheets of metal.
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Use embellishments to add color to whatever you choose!
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Polymer Clay
Polymer Clay is easy to use and easy to bake, bringing color to any creation!
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Learning Center
Don’t forget to check out our Learning Center! The Learning Center is full of videos and tips on creating.
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