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New Initial Jewel Stamp Sets

Introducing our new Initial Jewel Stamps featuring full alphabet sets available in multiple font styles.  These new initial New Jewel Stampsdesign sheets include both upper and lower case letters perfect for a variety of jewelry applications. Create centerpieces, pendants, links, and connectors that are personalized to your preference.

Jewel Stamps are crystal clear, designer images made for creating in jewelry clays of all kinds. Impress beautifully designed, laser sharp images in metal clay, polymer clay, porcelain, and other soft clays. Use Jewel Stamps to apply a resist to copper for etching or selective patina, and you can even use them for stamping ink onto bone dry clay for carving.

The Initial Jewel Stamp Collections include all 26 letters and come in a set of 4 sheets.

Jewel Stamps are made of a durable, flexible, washable polymer for years of use when handled properly. Store Jewel Stamps on their provided acrylic sheet with its protective film in place. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Shop our new initial sets today to add your unique mark with a simple touch of a Cool Tools Jewel Stamp.

New Copper Patterned Wire & Strip

Brilliant Elegance with Less Investment.

New Copper WireCopper jewelry has become a very popular way to express your artistic vision without breaking the bank. Check out our new Copper Patterned Wire & Strip.

Copper is essential to all living organisms and has anti-bacterial properties, is inexpensive, and is easy to work with.

These copper wire designs can be co-fired in all copper clays and can also be soldered using low temperature silver solder to incorporate with metal stampings, sheet metals, wire, and other materials.

These products are sold by 6″ lengths. Copper can be colored using oxidizing agents, heat, colored pencils, paints, inks, resins, Gilders Paste and other products. Before applying any of these surface treatments, be sure the metal is clean.

Shop our expanded selection of Copper Patterned Wire & Strip today to take advantage of these elegant copper designs at low prices.


The March Survey Winner is Here

Congratulations to Christina Berg, the winner of the March Cool Tools Survey Contest. Christina has won a $100 gift certificate simply for offering us her thoughts.

Christina was excited and told us a little about herself:

“You made my day! The soldering gods were not with me here today in sunny California, but, my friends were from Cools Tools!

My latest designs  are hammering out old silver coins with a steampunk attitude.

Thank you for the $100 gift certificate and for your great service!

Regards, Chris Berg, Artist

(P.S. Now, for the moment, I will go play my ukulele & design my next piece of jewelry.)”

After every purchase, you receive an email asking you to take a survey. Your thoughts help us improve as a company and better understand your needs. Each month, we select a winner and the next one could be you!

Help us congratulation Christina and keep offering us your thoughts!

Pick Out Your Favorite: 40% off Select Antique Molds!

Now is the time to stock up and save on all the Antique Molds you have been wanting at Cool Tools.

Antique Mold SaleThis weekend only, get 40% off select Antique Molds while supplies last. Get them now while they are still available!

Our antique molds are hand crafted from the original element so you get a perfect impression. A mold is a great way to own the beauty of these collectibles without the investment of the original, and the sizes are just right for jewelry components.

We use 100% silicone mold material that does not stick to metal clay, or any other type of clay, so no release is needed. Use any type of precious metal clay, polymer or ceramic clays. The molds can be placed on a heat source to dry, and can even be placed in an oven or toaster oven. Our molds are safe to 500F.

Order right away – this is your best opportunity to stock up on all the unique Antique Molds you need to create amazing jewelry.

Retail Only. Offer applies to select Antique Molds in the clearance category. Sale ends 4/22/13 at 11:59pm CST.

Have You Tried The New ACS Formula?

Who says you can’t have it all?!

The new Art Clay Silver formula provides you the best of all your favorite clays and is available in lump form, syringe, and paste.

This new formula features something from each previous type of clay in the Art Clay family including Art Clay Original, Low Fire and Slow Dry!

The features of the new Art Clay Silver Formula include better workability compared to original formula and 650 formulas and longer working time than original, 650, and 650 Slow Dry formulas.

The new formula only has 8-9% shrinkage, with similar drying times as original and 650 formulas when using applied heat (such as a hair dryer, warmer, or dehydrator).

Take advantage of easier carving and filing in the dry stage. It also offers quicker and simpler reconstitution from dried clay; new formula clay is meant to absorb moisture well.

Reviews are flying in on the new formula and customers have been loving it!

“Love, love, love. I really love the new formula! Will be ordering more this week! It doesn’t dry as quickly and seems to take texture better than the original slow dry formula.

I used my new texture plate I got from Cool Tools on a piece and love the results.”

If you are curious or intrigued, you should try the new formula today. You might be surprised at how easy it is to use.

Introducing the March Random Review Winner!

Congratulations to Linda Chavez, the winner of the Cool Tools Random Review Contest.  Linda has won a $100 gift certificate for reviewing the Cool Tools Cool Slip she purchased. Linda gave our Cool Slip a great review and said ” I used this product recently while creating an Art Copper Clay pendant using a texture plate. The clay comes right off the texture plate without leaving any copper residue behind. Great product.”.

Linda was excited and told us a little about herself:

“VERY exciting!  First of all…..thank you so much!

I started beading about 8 years ago and found myself loving the craft.  From simple stringing to beading with needle and thread, I was obsessed. Then I found metal!  Metal wire, sheet metal, brass and my all time favorite….copper.  Before trying PMC I was obsessed with torch fire enamel thanks to Barbara Lewis’ Painting with Fire workshop and book. There’s something about playing with the torch that makes you feel empowered. I’d always been afraid to even be near one!

About three months ago I became interested in Precious Metal Clay and while at the Tucson Bead Show in February, my wish list included tools and items used with this medium.  I took an on-line class through Craftsy on Torch Fired Precious Metal Clay by Jenny Vestal.  There were many tools I didn’t even think about that the class brought to my attention.  Not having purchased all the appropriate tools for this medium, I went to Cool Tools and was amazed at how many items you have for PMC!  I haven’ stopped buying yet! lol

One of those items was Cool Slip and when I did the review, I never really thought I would win.  I wanted to let the people at Cool Tools know how much I appreciated the offering that is available through them.  Cool Slip is awesome and I don’t think there is any product out there that can beat it.

Winning has been exciting for me and I hope that everyone continues to write the reviews of the products they purchase at Cool Tools because reading what another artist thinks of the product really helps in deciding whether to purchase the product or not.

Thank you, Cool Tools!”

After every purchase, you have the opportunity to review your products. Your reviews help fellow jewelry artists better understand the products we offer. You can review any product by simply going to the product page and clicking “write a review”. Each review gives you an entry into our review contest.  Help us congratulate Linda!

Expand Your Collection: Exclusive New Texture Tiles

New Texture Tiles Have ArrivedShop our unique new selection of  versatile Texture Tiles that will be perfect for your next jewelry design.

Texture is an essential element when working with metal clay, and helps you personalize your creations. Don’t miss out on these new embossed and fine line designs.

Our exclusive Texture Tiles measure 2″ x 4″ and are deeply etched for a wide range of depths. Texture Tiles are flexible, washable and can be used with any soft clay, silver clay, bronze clay, polymer, earthen, porcelain, and more.

Use Cool Slip as a release for the cleanest impressions when working with metal clays.

Check out over 200 deeply etched Texture Tile designs today to expand your texture collection.

New In The Video Library

New Videos are now available in the Video Library!

Crimson Eclipse Pendant Project

Cool Tools Texture Tiles are perfect tools, for creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.  In this project, learn to make the Crimson Eclipse Pendant, using PMC3, a Texture Tile, and a few other tools and simple techniques.

Easily make a stunning fine silver pendant that incorporates sophisticated design without breaking your budget.

-Watch Here

Getting a Mirror Finish on Metal Clay

Finishing your jewelry creations to near perfection, helps set your work apart from all the rest. A mirror finish, offers a level a sophistication that is unmatched by other colorants and patinas.

In this tool demo, learn to get a mirror finish on metal clay, with a simple sanding stick and a set of polishing papers.

-Watch Here

Using Ring Forming Pliers

Forming ring shanks is an intricate and delicate technique. Traditionally, mandrels and hammers are used to form and shape your rings.

In this tool demo, learn to use the Ring Forming Pliers, to shape thick wire easily, and get the perfect form every time.

Watch Here

Gem History: Lapis, Mustard Jasper, Tiger Eye & Spiny Oyster

Natural Gemstones are a sure way to bring sensational color, beauty and radiance to your unique jewelry designs. A natural gem offers a level a sophistication that no other stone can. Wonderfully shaped, polished and colored, these gems are perfect for creating fine jewelry. Discover the story behind the gem.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a bright blue metamorphic rock consisting largely of lazurite. Its name comes from the Persian word ‘Lazur’ meaning ‘blue stone’. Lapis Lazuli is an ancient gem, and as such, has a storied history. Egyptian cultures made a practice of burying a Lapis Lazuli scarab with their dead, and believed it to offer protection. The very earliest cultures valued Lapis Lazuli more highly than gold.

Lapis lazuli is regarded by many people around the world as the stone of friendship and truth. The blue stone is said to encourage harmony in relationships and help its wearer to be authentic and give his or her opinion openly.

Mustard Jasper

Mustard Jasper is somewhat uncommon as it is currently mined only in Indonesia from the top of an active volcano, making it a special find! It often is black or gray on the outer layers progressing to a rich mustard yellow on its inner layers.

Mustard Jasper, when refined, features beautiful and bright yellow colors with bands of white and silver. Mustard Jasper, like all Jaspers, is a supportive stone that has grounding and balancing energy, which helps one to maintain a realistic attitude during any personal evolution. In general, Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It sustains and supports during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Used in healing, Jasper unifies all aspects of your life.

Tiger Eye

All Tiger Eye crystals are stones of protection and were traditionally carried to protect against curses and ill wishes. Tiger Eye is said to promote a positive attitude and to increase feelings of self-worth. It is believed to help you to discover, and have confidence in, your own abilities, helping to enhance your personal power and self-confidence. Tiger Eye is also said to bring good luck and prosperity.

Red Tiger Eye, as seen here, features brilliant deep red hues along with stunning patterns. Red Tiger Eye is a stimulating stone that is said to increase motivation and to help overcome lethargy.

Cool Tools also carries Yellow Tiger Eye, a golden-brown stone with a silky luster, as well as Blue Tiger Eye, a very calming crystal that it is said to release stress to soothe anxiety and to help cool a quick temper. Tiger Eye is most commonly found in South Africa and East Asia.

Orange Spiny Oyster Shell

Spiny Oyster Shell, scientifically called Spondylus, has been used in Native American jewelry for centuries.

Spondylus is Latin, for spines on its back, which says it all.  The shells, which are covered with intimidating spines, come in an array of bright colors ranging from purple to orange, red and yellow. Spiny oyster shells were carved and traded far and wide from as early as 10,000 years ago.

Spiny oyster shells are found in the Gulf of California, the Pacific coast, and to the south in the warm waters of South America.  It is very difficult to harvest and polish and is much sought after by collectors.

Check out all of our Natural Gemstones here.

Happy Spring! April Showers Bring… Gifts!

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Our exclusive Texture Tiles measure 2″ x 4″ and are deeply etched for a wide range of depths. No minimum purchase amount required.

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