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February’s Review Winner Has Arrived

Congratulations to Alice Roberts, the winner of the Cool Tools Random Review Contest. Alice has won a $100 gift certificate for reviewing the Cool Tools Antique Mold: ‘Star of India’ she purchased. Alice gave the Antique Mold a top 5-Star rating and said ” The design is very beautiful and will add great detail to any jewelry project”.

Alice was excited and told us a little about herself:

“What a surprise!  I cannot believe I actually won something! I’m so excited about choosing how to spend my gift certificate! I’ll be torn whether to buy more molds, or tools, I love the antique molds and I’m looking forward to using all the goodies I bought from you last time.

My crafting takes many forms. I like doing wire wrapped jewelry, making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings with wire and beads, and semi-precious gemstones.  I make several types of jewelry, things with natural products, like sea shells, coral, pearls, and gemstone beads, and pendants or focals. I also use crystals and lamp-worked glass beads, but rather than stringing everything, mostly I use Sterling Silver, and the non-tarnish sterling, Argentium, gold-filled, silver-filled wire, and I also use Bronze, Brass and Copper in some of my newest creations.  I love to use Cloisionne beads and focals, along with other beads.  I have just begun using the polymer clay, and the various types of metal clay to work on a separate collection for those.   I have taken DVD courses from various sources on different techniques, and have enjoyed learning to work with wire, gemstones, beads, metals and other items.  I am continuously learning more and more techniques.

As a lifetime self-taught crafter, I have done many projects in decorative painting, grapevine wreaths, decorations for business and for homes, bazaars, craft fairs, and participated in fundraisers.  I have always liked working and making things with my hands.  As a child, I learned embroidery, and other crafts, like crochet, etc.  As an adult I took Ceramics for several years, making many decorative gifts for family, and friends, and  decorative painting classes in the Priscilla Hauser method of decorative painting, and studied many other artists techniques as well in oils, and acrylics.  I enjoy painting on things like a wooden chest and discarded metal street signs, mailboxes, and other items and have done a couple of murals for my grandson’s bedroom at his home, and ours.  I make items that are usually one of a kind, or a small quantity of items, which are a bit different with the same materials, but mostly I do not make exactly the same thing more than once unless it is a custom order.

I am a native Floridian, transplanted in retirement to southern Georgia, where we love living on a fishing lake in a peaceful neighborhood.  This environment is very inspirational. We love watching the waterfowl, and migrating birds, humming birds, and doves, and other wildlife constantly on the lake and on the banks of our back yard.”

After every purchase, you have the opportunity to review your products. Your reviews help fellow jewelry artists better understand the products we offer. You can review any product by simply going to the product page and clicking “write a review”. Each review gives you an entry into our review contest.  Help us congratulate Alice!

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