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New Copper Patterned Wire & Strip

Brilliant Elegance with Less Investment.

New Copper WireCopper jewelry has become a very popular way to express your artistic vision without breaking the bank. Check out our new Copper Patterned Wire & Strip.

Copper is essential to all living organisms and has anti-bacterial properties, is inexpensive, and is easy to work with.

These copper wire designs can be co-fired in all copper clays and can also be soldered using low temperature silver solder to incorporate with metal stampings, sheet metals, wire, and other materials.

These products are sold by 6″ lengths. Copper can be colored using oxidizing agents, heat, colored pencils, paints, inks, resins, Gilders Paste and other products. Before applying any of these surface treatments, be sure the metal is clean.

Shop our expanded selection of Copper Patterned Wire & Strip today to take advantage of these elegant copper designs at low prices.


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