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New in the Video Library – Working With Gilders Paste!

Gilders Paste is a non-fading metallic gilding and coloring medium for metals and other surfaces. Create beautiful color effects on any type of metal and many other surfaces. Embellish silver, bronze, and copper clays. Add color to metal stampings, castings, and fabrications in steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and other metals. Gilders Paste works beautifully with brass stampings, filigree, metal castings, ceramics, wood, etched glass, polymer clay, resin and more.

Check out our new videos with some great Gilders Paste techniques!

Faux & Fantasy Finishes

Mardel shows you a way to layer Gilders Paste to achieve the look of oxidized silver on brass, and you’ll also learn to create an ice-blue fantasy finish using the same colors.

Patterned Brass Earrings Project

Make these beautiful & intricate brass earrings. Use Gilders Paste to highlight filigree and finely detailed designs.

Gilders Paste and Cool Slip

Use safe, non-flammable Cool Slip when working with Gilders Paste instead of hazardous products such as paint thinners and turpenoids. Use Cool Slip to thin, rehydrate and clean up Gilders Paste from hands, tools and tabletops.

Keep an eye out for more Gilders Paste Videos with great new techniques!

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