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Working with PMC STERLING – .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Clay

PMC STERLING is finally here, and I love it! I’ve had a chance to play with the clay a bit and I’m so excited about it!

Here is a summary of what I’ve noticed so far in working with PMC STERLING – Sterling Silver Jewelry Clay:

Right out of the package, PMC STERLING feels like it’s been conditioned with something to make it anti-stick because it doesn’t seem to want to stick to my fingers the way other forms of silver clay do. It’s not as squishy as PMC3 and it seems to have some rebound when I impress it. When I roll it into a ball, the clay feels almost rubbery. I can roll out fine tendrils and form curves and coils without having to add water and without the clay cracking. (Awesome!) Wet parts have more body than the other formulas, and the clay seems to have more integrity and more strength in it’s moist state. It’s also really nice to handle. I can even move small parts around with tweezers that I’ve just formed.

There was one surprise with PMC STERLING. It sticks like mad to textures. I made a couple of videos showing my first experiences with PMC STERLING so you can see what happened and how I dealt with it. Here are links to the videos: PMC STERLING –Working With PMC Sterling Clay, and Storing PMC Sterling Clay. I’ll be adding more videos as I get them done to cover firing, finishing, soldering, stone setting and other things you can do with PMC STERLING.

Our first shipment of PMC STERLING is on the way to us and it’s available right now for pre-order in our store. Pre-orders will have shipping priority when our stock arrives, so order now and be the first to work with this amazing clay.

Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for supporting what we do here at Cool Tools!


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