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PMC PRO is Here!

PMC PRO is a new type of silver metal clay that has the highest strength and most durability of any other metal clay available today. PMC PRO opens up a world of possibilities for metal clay jewelry making. Make intricate bracelets, rings and necklaces with delicate parts that won’t snap. Now you can roll your clay even thinner and never have to sacrifice strength. Once fired PMC PRO has more resistance to scratching, more tensile strength, and 5 times the bending strength of PMC 3.

The working properties of PMC PRO are very similar to other metal clays. While wet, it can still be impressed, molded, rolled and shaped into all the designs you can think of. All the same silver metal clay tools work for PMC PRO so you can start creating immediately. Discover more about what is possible with PMC PRO in our Learning Center.

We offer the best price for PMC PRO. Order now and it ships today. Find it only here at Cool Tools!

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