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Spread the message – the new & improved AlphaDisc is here with new fonts and styles! The AlphaDisc makes it simple to add letters & symbols to metal clay with its elegant rotating wheel. Stamping out symbols, letters, words and messages into your metal clay allows you to customize and control the depth, style, and individual message on your jewelry pieces. We kept the popular fonts from our previous design and added some inspiring new ones! The AlphaDisc works on any metal clay and can open up possibilities for lettering your jewelry. The AlphaDisc come in sizes 14 & 18 point font. How does it work? The AlphaDisc comes with several type strips on a carrier sheet with all the letters, numbers, and symbols on it. The type strip is peeled off the carrier sheet and placed around the outside of the AlphaDisc. The type self-adheres to the disc and to change to a different size or type style, just peel off the old strip, put it back on the carrier, then peel and stick on the new strip. Type strips are washable, reusable, and no release is needed when clay is properly conditioned. If clay sticking is ever an issue, simply apply a small amount of release to the strip after applying to the disc. We have some great videos and how to guides along with some  projects like the Affirmation Bracelet  in our Learning Center to get you started.

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