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2 thoughts on “New Dill Weed Pendant Project Video!”

  1. i absolutely LOVE this video! i am on the verge of plunging into metal clay jewelry making and this video and the copper layered video i am excited about!
    i was wondering about the “foredam tool” she used for polishing after fireing(sp)…where do you get something like it similar to a “dremel too”?
    i have the lightweight beehive kiln..i need to purchase a microtorch for copper and bronze clay?

    another ? concerning the copper pendant: the silver clay you used to “paint” on after the copper was fired, was what kind of silver clay…pmc3, slip, just regular silver clay…what? i love the effect of silver with copper! and i LOVE the idea of saving $ “painting” silver over the copper!
    thank you for such great learning videos for us “newbies”!!!

    1. Hi Debi! I’m so glad you like the video! We carry the Foredom Flex Shaft in our store. (The highlighted type is a link to the item). The Foredom is light-years better than a Dremel. The Dremel is a great tool, but just does not have the power you need to work with jewelry.

      For COPPRclay, you can use a torch, but a kiln is recommended for full sintering and to avoid the trouble of quenching and pickling to remove firescale. Way easier to fire in a kiln! For BRONZclay you have to fire in a kiln.

      The item I used on the Layered Copper Clay Pendant is called Accent Silver, and it’s really a fun product. There are 2 videos on the page that I linked to for you. They show you exactly how to use the product and of course it comes with very detailed instructions.

      Hope this helps!


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