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FS999™: New and Improved Formula

Sales of FS999, our Cool Tools branded fine silver metal clay from Metal Adventures, were suspended in November of 2018 as a result of customer comments and feedback. The reasons for this were two-fold. One, the clay in its wet form, was too dry for some artists, and depending upon moisture levels, could sometimes crack around the edges. Two, the product also did not package as well as we would like, meaning that over extended periods of time, the clay had a tendency to lose its elasticity, making its workability challenging. These reasons motivated us to re-formulate FS999, which we have done. The new formulation addresses and solves both of those issues. 
After many computations and much testing, we are happy to be promoting a new and improved re-formulation of FS999. While many FS999 users were pleased with the working properties of the original FS999, we believe that the new formula retains the best properties of the original FS999 (low shrink rate, flexible, Curio friendly etc) and improves on the original formulation, creating a better clay body that will satisfy even the most demanding metal clay users that choose to work in fine silver. We are very pleased that FS999 has returned to the market, and we are confident that you will enjoy working with it in its new formulation. A sincere thank you to our customers that have provided feedback as it has again helped us to evolve, and as a result, improve our product line. 

Alan Rein
Cool Tools

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