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Patterned Wire Chain Bracelet by Annie Kilborn

This a fun and simple project for making a chain bracelet or necklace using decorative patterned wire. I chose the “Copper Triple” 16 gauge patterned wire for this project. However, we carry many different wires in various patterns and metals that will be great for this project. There are some options listed below. You can also alternate multiple decorative wires to offer more variation.

Materials used. These are listed below with corresponding links.

After you have chosen the decorative pattern, decide how long or what part of the pattern you would like to use for the segments of the chain. It is best if the segments do not exceed one inch in length. Longer segments will hinder the kinetics of the bracelet or necklace. Use a marker or scribe to mark where you would like to divide the patterned wire. Plan out where you want to drill your holes. You will need one hole on each end of the segment. Use a center punch to mark where your holes will be, and drill them out. It is easier to drill your holes in the long pattern wire before you cut it into segments. This gives you more surface area to hold onto while drilling. I used a #60 drill bit to accommodate the18 gauge round copper wire jump rings. After the holes are drilled, you can use a jewelers saw or wire cutters to divide up the patterned wire. Use a file to clean up the ends of the wire were you cut, and then polish to give a smooth edge.

I used a Fretz raising hammer to give a light hammer texture to the wire. This gives the refined wire a unique look. After hammering the wire, I gave each segment a slight bend to help work with the curvature of the wrist. If you are making a necklace leave the pieces flat. I also gave the clasp a hammer texture in some of the areas to help it pair with the patterned wire on the chain. This also helps the look vary from its manufactured aesthetic. I chose the “Copper Plate Toggle Clasp- Plain Leaf” for the clasp, but we carry many different clasps to choose from for this project.

I made copper wire jump rings with the “Jump Ring Maker” 4mm mandrel. You can use a saw or wire cutters to cut the jump rings. After they are cut clean up the ends with a file. Use a round needle file to clean up the drilled holes in the segments of the patterned wire. You want the jump rings to move freely in the holes. Connect all the segments and the clasp with the jump rings to finish your bracelet or necklace.  You can patina and polish the final piece to help the pattern in the wire pop. Now you have a unique chain bracelet or necklace made from a beautiful decorative patterned wire.

      MATERIALS: TOOLS:    There are also other wires we carry that can be used for this project. I have included a picture of them and their corresponding name & product code below.  

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