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New Reduced Kiln Pricing!

The summer savings are heating up. We just reduced our Evenheat and Paragon kiln pricing and are extending the discounts to you!

You will not find a better deal out there. Checkout the deep discounts now available including our new Evenheat models like the powerful Copper and Studio Pro kilns.

New Reduced Kiln PricingThe Copper kiln is built entirely of firebrick to offer the metal clay artist the opportunity to explore materials in the higher temperature ranges. Many clays require temperatures up to 2200F and the Copper has the capability to get you there. The Copper is stock equipped with the easy to use Set-Pro control with preset metal clays programs as well as allowing for custom programming. The Studio 8 began the personal kiln concept and continues to offer its unique, lift-off design. The design allows the artist to completely separate the kiln lid and floor from the firing chamber. This characteristic alone defines this fun little kiln and allows artists to do some strange and wonderful things not available in any other design. The Studio Pro features our Dual Access Design. The Dual Access Design combines traditional front and top loading features into one, truly revolutionary kiln. The Studio Pro gives you all the advantages of both front and top access in a single, dual hinged design that’s smooth and precise. The Studio Pro offers more in performance and flexibility than any other kiln in its class.

Shop and save on all of our most popular models. Get your new kiln today at our new discounted pricing to kick off your summer creating. And remember, all kilns ship FREE!

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