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Let Your Imagination Surface With Our 24 New Textures

Explore our extensive new selection of flexible, washable and versatile Texture Tiles that have just arrived at Cool Tools.

Our beautiful new collection of embossed and fine line designs includes steampunk, nature, love and so much more.

Our exclusive Texture Tiles measure 2″ x 4″ and feature a wide range of depths. Texture Tiles can be used with any soft clay including silver clay, bronze clay, polymer, earthen, porcelain and more. Use Cool Slip as a release for the cleanest impressions when working with metal clays.

You can get a variety of different looks with the same texture depending on the method you use to impress your clay. Watch our videos located on the product pages to learn some creative ways to vary the look and make the most of your textures and clay.

Check out all 200 deeply etched Texture Tile designs today to start making inspirational jewelry.

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