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Let Your Creativity Blossom! New Floral Design Elements

A beautiful bouquet of Jewel Stamps have just arrived at Cool Tools featuring brilliant floral creative designs.

Our seven new Jewel Stamp sheets offer nature-inspired themes of Fluer de Lis, Tulips and Water Lilies. Impress your acrylic design fast and easy with no release required!

Jewel Stamps are crystal clear, designer images made for creating in jewelry clays of all kinds. Impress beautifully designed, laser sharp images in metal clay, polymer clay, porcelain, and other soft clays.

Jewel Stamps are made of a durable, flexible, washable polymer for years of use when handled properly. Each 4″ x 6″ Jewel Stamp set is crammed with five designs and 3 sizes. Create keep-sake jewelry with customizable designs with ease. Use Jewel Stamps to apply a resist to copper for etching or selective patina, and you can even use them for stamping ink onto bone dry clay for carving.

Shop our expanded selection of Floral Jewel Stamps today to help your beautiful jewelry designs bloom.

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