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Fresh Designs Have Just Arrived! New Antique Molds

Spring is here and new beautiful Antique Molds are popping up here at Cool Tools. Check out these fresh designs! Pick through the new dazzling molds featuring flowers, patterns, symbols and more. There’s something for every artist.

Our antique molds are hand crafted from the original element so you get a perfect impression. A mold is a great way to own the beauty of these collectibles without the investment of the original, and the sizes are just right for jewelry components. We use 100% silicone mold material that does not stick to metal clay, or any other type of clay, so no release is needed. Use any type of precious metal clay, polymer or ceramic clays. The molds can be placed on a heat source to dry, and can even be placed in an oven or toaster oven. Our molds are safe to 500F.

Browse our entire incredible collection Antique Molds today to find the one that fits your next jewelry project!

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