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February’s Random Review Winner Is Here!

Congratulations to Toni Anderson, February’s Random Review Winner. Toni has won a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate for reviewing an 8oz Rawhide Mallet she purchased from us.

Here is what she had to say on her review: “Light & sturdy. Great hammer, easy to hammer out lumps and bumps in metal of all kinds. Leaves no residual marks”

Toni was very happy and told us a little about herself and the work she enjoys:

“Yahooo!  Can’t believe it!!! I am ecstatic.

Firstly, two years ago I started playing with rocks that several generations have left about our property. I cut, broke, and polished them, literally finding a new interest and noting the beauty in the pieces. Then in the natural progression of this hobby, I started making jewelry.  I started ordering Cool Tools products which were not only super functional but fun and exciting as well (Cool tools has SO many products that make everything easier and much more enjoyable).   This is such a wonderful hobby for me (..all my stressors  leave …I loose track of time..the world becomes a better place to be).

Family and friends love my pieces (as they should–:) …but I have had several  offers to buy my necklaces!  I do not want the enjoyment to turn into work..I have a job! My son has been helpful with building tables and items for me. Then he sneaks and borrows one of my “cool tools” to round his radiator cap, or fix some other Jeep repair.UGH!  (He has taken up an interest in Cool Tools as well!!!!!)

Realizing that I could improve and expand on what I enjoy, I  take classes at Tacoma Metal Arts Center (  I have learned so much and have had such a great time, I must recommend them to all! They have every skill level and a variety of classes (metal work, setting, glass, PMC, electroplating,stone setting, as so much more).  Us “students” often ask about products/tools that we are using and Cool Tools is frequent in our conversations.  I can attest first hand that I enjoy the products and high quality.  As I learn new areas, I return to Cool Tools and am able to obtain everything I need for home “play”.

I cant thank you enough.  This hobby just amazes me. I thank you so very much.”

After every purchase, you receive an email asking you to review the products. These reviews help other jewelry artists better understand the tools & supplies they need. Reviews are posted on our site and offer unique insight from people who use our products.

Every month we have a drawing to see who wins a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate for our Random Review Contest. Every product that you review earns you one entry into the drawing. Review as many as you can!

We appreciate your reviews and ask that you keep them coming! Next month’s winner could be you. This month, help us congratulate Toni!

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