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New Precision Shape & Design Tools

New Shape & Design Tools are here at Cool Tools to help you achieve the results you have always dreamed of.

Shop our new Swivel Blade Carvers, Double-Ended Scoop & Spatula Carvers, Swiss-Milled Bur Sets, Precision Pick Sets, Diamond Needle Files and so much more. The swivel blade wax carver is a handy tool for rounding edges, especially the inside of wax rings. The easy grip aluminum handle is made of anodized aluminum. The cutting blade smoothly swivels, making it easy to follow curved edges. Our stainless steel spatula carvers have knurled handles and come in a variety of shapes and styles for every use. Available in several different shapes to choose from and come in a handy fold-over pouch. our precision pick set originally was used as dental explorers. Picks are excellent for a variety of uses including scribing, position, probing, etc. All are fine stainless steel with knurled handles.

Browse all of our precision Shape & Design Tools today to take your jewelry projects to a whole new level.

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