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Learn to Saw with Thomas Mann

It’s going to happen eventually. You are going to have to learn to use a jewelers’ saw….that is, if you want to be the best jewelry artist you can be.

When you have thick wire, a saw is the best choice for cutting. When you want to make jump rings, a saw is the best tool for cutting the coil, when you want to cut through sheet metal of any kind, only a saw will give you a truly clean cut that does not distort the metal. I could not work nearly as efficiently or as quickly without a saw, and once you learn, you’ll agree!

Using a jewelers saw is not as hard or complicated as it might seem; especially when you have renowned Techno-Romantic artist Thomas Mann at your side. Tom has put together a fantastic kit and DVD that will give you a complete education in saw frames, blades, bench pins, and sawing techniques in a wide variety of materials. He’s not only a gifted and well-respected artist, he’s also an awesome teacher who’s popular workshops around the country are hard to get into.

Spend a mere 45 minutes with Tom and he’ll have you sawing like a pro with his zen-like approach and cool, easy manner.

Learn To Saw with Thomas Mann

We have the Learn to Saw kit that comes with the DVD and all tools and supplies you will need to follow along, and for those who already have a saw and the other tools pictured, we also offer the DVD separately.

You’ll find Thomas Mann’s work in many books on jewelery design and creation and in galleries around the world. Here’s a small sampling of some of the cool things you can do with a saw!

Flaming Hearts by Thomas Mann

Tom is no slouch in the jewelry world….he was commissioned by Hilary Clinton to create 300 cuff links and 300 pendants for Christmas presents! (That’s a lot of presents!)

Thomas Mann - The Saw Guy

Bird in Hand by Thomas Mann

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