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Layering Jewelry Shape Templates

Gingko Pendant Project

I’ve got a new video project up our YouTube Channel that shows how to use my Jewelry Shape Templates to create a layered effect in any kind of clay.  I demonstrate the technique with a really simple pendant using bronze clay and my Tapered Squares and Gingko Leaves templates.  The technique is so quick and fun, I know you’ll love it!

In the video project, I also demonstrate how to use one of the most useful products I’ve created, the Integrated Findings & Bails template.  I introduced this template at the 2010 Bead&Button Show.  This template idea came to me because I wanted a way to make findings, connectors and bails that were an integrated part of the basic slab of clay so nothing had to be pasted on or embedded.  My design is sort of wacky looking, but it works like a charm!  I get a much stronger finding and a finished piece that

Gingko Pendant Project

looks so much more professional with this template.  Not only that, but with the layering technique, you can make

the findings set back from the main shape for a truly elegant effect.

Check out the video and enjoy!


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