June’s Review Winner is Here

Congratulations to Neda Heeter, the winner of the Cool Tools Random Review Contest. Neda has won a $100 gift certificate for reviewing the Cool Tools Patina Gel she purchased. Neda gave the Patina Gel a top 5-Star rating and called it ” Easy to Use”.

Neda was excited and told us a little about herself:

Making jewelry is a very, very new hobby for me.  I took one class this spring in Clay Jewelry at our local museum- The Vero Beach Museum of Art- with an excellent teacher, Linda Kline. Unfortunately, there were not enough students signed up for the next set of classes (I live in a seasonal community) so they were suspended until November. I can’t wait for them to resume so I can continue my adventure.

I am not an “artist” but I love jewelry and I had been several times encouraged to try my hand at this class. I had finished a difficult year with the illness and subsequent death of my mom as well as having just completed the second of chairing a major fundraising event for the Homeless Family Center in our town. It felt like a good time to explore a new hobby.

While my “creations” are not particularly unique or special, I find the process extremely relaxing.

Winning the June random drawing was quite a surprise. The gift certificate will help me buy more materials for my new hobby.

Thank you Cool Tools for my $100 gift certificate. I can’t wait to use it.

Attached is a photo of me from my 60th birthday party which I celebrated by holding a party for all the residents of the Homeless Family Center. I’m wearing earrings that I made.


After every purchase, you have the opportunity to review your products. Your reviews help fellow jewelry artists better understand the products we offer. You can review any product by simply going to the product page and clicking “write a review”. Each review gives you an entry into our review contest. A winner is selected every month! Help us congratulate Neda this month.


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