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April’s Survey Winner is Here!

Congratulations to Candace Marshall, the winner of the April Cool Tools Survey Contest. Candace has won a $100 gift certificate simply for offering us her thoughts.

Candace was excited and told us a little about herself:

Candace Marshall

“I am THRILLED anytime I win something because it rarely happens!  I love Cool Tools products and find that your website is one of the easiest to navigate directly to what I need anytime that I search.

As for me, I have been working with PMC for about three years now and I have an at-home business named Madeljacks (named for my two kids….MADelena and JACKSon) in Baltimore, MD and sell PMC jewelry and embroidered gifts.

My business started as a hobby and grew organically through my community over the last few years.  I am a stay-at-home mom and business owner and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you again for selecting me.  The gift certificate will go to good useJewelry by Candace!!!!

Candace Marshall”

After every purchase, you receive an email asking you to take a survey.

Your thoughts help us improve as a company and better understand your needs.

Each month, we select a winner and the next one could be you!

Help us congratulation Candace this month and keep offering us your thoughts!

Our Best Selection Yet: 20 Cool Antique Molds

New Antique Molds Are Here!Exclusive and unique, you won’t find these Antique Molds anywhere else.

Egyptian Oasis. Dragon Master. Cast Away. Native Pride. These are just a few of the big, bold and beautiful new molds available this month.

Our antique molds are hand crafted from the original element so you get a perfect impression. A mold is a great way to own the beauty of these collectibles without the investment of the original, and the sizes are just right for jewelry components.

We use 100% silicone mold material that does not stick to metal clay, or any other type of clay, so no release is needed. Use any type of precious metal clay, polymer or ceramic clays. The molds can be placed on a heat source to dry, and can even be placed in an oven or toaster oven. Our molds are safe to 500F.

Shop over 400 Antique Molds today and discover our best selection yet.

The New Carbon Sampler – Magic, Coal and Coconut

Try a variety and pick your favorite! The Cool Tools Carbon Sampler Pack is perfect for every jewelry artist.

Featuring Magic, Coal, and Coconut carbons, the Sampler Pack has everything you need to fire any creation. Each type of carbon offers something unique and comes in a 1/2lb bag. That’s a 1/2lb of coal, 1/2lb of coconut and 1/2lb magic carbon! With the Cool Tools Carbon Sampler Pack, you will get the finish you desire and will never be without the carbon you need.

 Carbon Sampler PackMagic Carbon

Magic Carbon is a wonderfully versatile carbon. Magic Carbon is pre-tested for all brands of bronze, copper and silver clays and fires any thickness in a 2 hour schedule in most kilns. Magic Carbon has the advantage of firing at a lower temperature. The faster firing and the lower temperature puts less demand on the heating elements, giving your elements a longer life than other carbons. Magic Carbon produces an antique patina on bronze and copper clays, which eliminates the need for additional patination.

Coal Carbon

Our Coal Carbon is a coal-based activated carbon firing media. Coal Carbon is specifically designed for use with bronze and brass clays. This carbon will produce a rainbow patina on fired BRONZclay. The patina is unpredictable, but fairly durable. If undesired, it can be burnished and polished to a high shine. Not for use with copper clays.

Coconut Carbon

Coconut Carbon is a coconut-based activated carbon firing media that is formulated for firing bronze, copper, brass and all other types of metal clays. This carbon will produce a clean, satin finish which is fairly durable. Coconut Carbon can also be polished to a high shine or desired finish.