Sea Serpent by Carol Douglas

Carol is a sculptor living in the New Forest in England. She takes her inspiration from the myths and legends of the land and sea surrounding her and would like to share some of her work with FS999™ Fine Silver Clay.
There are many different methods to produce different effects and Carol often experiments rather than always doing things in a conventional way.

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Wooden Prayer Box with EZ960® by Joey Wade

This unique prayer box was created by Joey Wade, a Visual Arts teacher at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School in Alexandria, Virginia. The Religion Department asked for a wooden box for students to write prayers and put into the wooden box, so Joey delivered! We wanted to share this box on our blog to show that not only can EZ960 Sterling Silver Clay be used to make jewelry, Read more about:

Nano Gems – Second Update

To summarize our previous blog update on Nano Gems: To keep Nano Gems true to color, it is very important to fire in silver clay with an azure, or a hole for light to pass through, behind the gem. Without an azure, Nano Gems can change color, get dull or lose luster. Nano Gems can also change properties when they are fired above certain temperatures,

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Cupid’s Bow and Arrow Brooch by Annie Kilborn


















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Nano Gems – Update

After conducting some further testing of Nano Gems in the Cool Tools Studio, we found that Nano Gems are highly responsive to light. To keep Nano Gems true to color, it is very important to fire with an azure, or a hole for light to pass through, behind the gem.

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Antique Mold Charm Bracelet by Annie Kilborn

The “Antique Mold Charm Bracelet” is a great project for beginners. The simple techniques make a wonderful bracelet, which looks very complex due to all the wonderful elements made from our Antique Molds. We have a huge selection of Antique Molds, with over 800 offered. You can choose to use all of the mold,

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Artist Project Series: Little Red School House Ring by Jeannette Froese LeBlanc

Our tenth artist for the Artist Project Series with Creative Fire using EZ960® Sterling Silver Metal Clay is Jeannette Froese LeBlanc, the promotor, write and editor for Creative Fire. Jeannette is also a teacher who holds a Master’s degree in education as well as several Bachelor’s degree’s in history and arts.

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Patterned Wire Chain Bracelet by Annie Kilborn

This a fun and simple project for making a chain bracelet or necklace using decorative patterned wire. I chose the “Copper Triple” 16 gauge patterned wire for this project. However, we carry many different wires in various patterns and metals that will be great for this project. There are some options listed below.

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PMC Sterling: Single Firing Method

Since the inception of PMC Sterling, it has had a 2 stage firing process as stated below:

Kiln Fire – 2 Stage:

  • 1000°F / 538°C – 30 minutes (open shelf)
  • 1500°F / 815°C – 30 minutes (activated carbon)

As confirmed by Tim McCreight,

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Wings ‘n Things Class with Carol Douglas

A big, hearty thank you to our visiting artist, Carol Douglas, for traveling across the pond (from the UK) to be with us this past weekend, November 11 and 12, 2017. Wings and Things was the focus of the class. Carol is a warm, generous and fun person with an extensive knowledge of metal clay as it pertains to jewelry and sculpture.

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