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Project Video - Mica Powder Embellished Ornaments by Karen Trexler

In this video, Karen cuts holiday shapes from Cyprus™ Copper Clay using both the Ultra Clay Pick and cookie cutters. She then enamels these shapes and embellishes them with Mica Powder, giving them the perfect holiday look.
Please note: If using larger pieces like Karen in this video, we recommend using a different firing schedule:
Phase 1: Slow ramp at 650°F / 343°C and hold for 30 minutes
Phase 2: Full ramp to 1600°F / 871°C and hold for 3 hours

Cool Tools resident artist, Karen Trexler studied metalsmithing and jewelry design in college and received a BFA from Ball State University. Karen then continued her studies at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and received her MFA in the spring of 2018 before joining the Cool Tools team.

If you are interested in the products shown in this video, please click this link: Products Used and scroll to the lower section of the page.