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Project / Product Video - Using Finishing Touch Molds to Embellish Hoop Earrings by Karen Trexler

In this video, Karen creates hoop earrings with EZ960® Sterling Silver Clay, and embellishes them with Finishing Touches using our Finishing Touch Molds. Karen creates “units” of finishing touches and gently attaches them to the hoop earrings using water and a brush. Once fired, she then solders on the earring posts.
Cool Tools Finishing Touches are silicone molds specially designed to create precise and repeatable shapes and adornments for metal clay. Each mold is complete with a single shape in three sizes – perfectly calibrated for jewelry and jewelry components. Using very small amounts of clay, create any number of identical Finishing Touches in minutes. Combine individual units into an arrangement to create a jewelry element or simply attach to other metal clay pieces to add a detail, accent or visual interest to finish any composition. No release needed!
If you are interested in the products shown in this video, please click this link: Products Used and scroll to the lower section of the page.