2010 Bead & Button Show Report!

As usual, the Bead&Button Show was a blast! This is only our 3rd year, and I knew it would be grueling, but it’s so much fun I hardly notice not eating and barely getting bathroom breaks. And who needs food anyway when you’ve got a huge bowl of dark chocolate to tide you over? I love the show because its so full of energy and excitement and I get to connect with customers, make new friends and have the opportunity to buy some wonderful things from people who’s work I admire. Last year, I picked up some pieces from the amazingly talented Christi Anderson (who won best in show for 2009), Barbara Becker Simon and Holly Gage. This year, I had wanted to get another piece from Christi Anderson, but she had won another Best in Show and was sold out! I did manage to get over to Anne Choi’s booth. I’ve loved her style for years and it was so nice to meet her in person and take home a treasure. I also got to meet super cool Thomas Mann, the saw guy; darling Donna Penoyer, the whistle lady, Mary Hettmansburger (awesomely creative artist), Jill MacKay, and so many others.
We were extra busy this year because we provided and set up 2 Paragon Kilns and 16 Amaco Trinkit kilns and a bunch of tools for Gwen Berneckers’ Keum Boo and enameling classes. Me and Gwen and my hubby Alan spent an evening putting together the Trinkit Kilns and getting everything in place, then went shopping at Whole Foods so Gwen could stock up for her stay. Gwen mentioned that she had a really sore shoulder, but I was shocked when she texted me on Wednesday to say she was in the ER with a torn rotator cuff! What a trooper…she did the rest of her classes in a sling and never once complained. Gwen is not just a nice lady, she is also a pretty tough cookie.
We introduced some new products that I am so excited about! My new Integrated Findings Template, Hollow Rings Templates, (watch for upcoming videos demonstrating the unique way I use my templates), some new Antique Molds, and the Jewelry Artist kiln that I designed were all big hits, and this year we gave out about 150 lbs of those cool Texture Rocks we collect in New Mexico that are crushed slag from the Arizona Copper Queen mine.
I want to thank each and every person who came by our booth to say hello and to shop. Now that I’m recovered and my house no longer looks like a bomb went off, I can’t wait for next years show!


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