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To help you become familiar with the most basic and necessary tools used in metal clay jewelry making, we have assembled the various tools into categories based on the stages of work. Some tools are used all the time, an some are used only at certain times. For instance, a rolling tool is only used to roll out moist clay, and a sponge sander is only used when the clay is dry or after firing.
The main stages of working with metal clay are: Working Wet, Working Dry, Firing and Finishing. You’ll find the four main stages below in the first section. The categories in the second section are important and helpful techniques and accessories that you may want to explore.

The 4 Stages of Working with Metal Clay

Wet Clay Tools

Firing Tools

Dry Clay Tools

Finishing Tools

Helpful Techniques and Accessories


Bench Tools

Mold Making Tools

Soldering Tools

Soldering Tools

Gauges and Guides

Ring Making Tools

Quality Marking


Vision Aids