The First Facebook Winner Is Here!

The time has come to select and announce the winners of our Facebook Contest! As we stated, we’re giving 5 people $100 in Cool Tools gift certificates. We ran our contest from May through June and we’re ready to reward our customers!

We’ll post 5 winners for the Facebook contest “What do You Want” survey – starting today! Keep an eye out for 1 winner each day!

The first winner is Heather Lyman. Heather was very excited and told us about herself.

“I’m so excited to hear that I actually won the survey contest!!  I honestly never thought I’d be so lucky and honestly it couldn’t have come at a better time.  So, a little bit of info about me…let’s see. 

I’m 25 years old and I’ve been making jewelry for a little under 2 years now.  I’ve had some complicated knee problems that have left me laid up and out of work since 2009.  I am not the type to be okay with just sitting around or being unproductive so I decided to use what little savings I had to buy a whole bunch of jewelry supplies with the intention of starting my own business and have had some success.  I work a lot with wire and metal, but I’ve been exploring a lot of the mediums available.  My current interest is in metal and polymer clay which is actually what brought me to your website in the first place.  I love that you guys even offered this survey, and I would have done it regardless of the chance to win.  I think it’s a sign of great customer service that you all are so eager and willing to hear from your customers and work to make your site better.  Thank you so very much!!

I know I said this already, but I am so excited that I actually won!!  Keep up the great work!”

Thank you to all who entered our contest! Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s winner!


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