Facebook Winner -#2!

The second selection for the Facebook contest has been completed – Congratulations to Vickie Peach!

“Wow, what a great surprise! I am in my early 60’s, a native Texan who has also lived in Arizona and New Mexico thanks to my husband’s work and am now back home in Texas. Have always loved Southwest design in clothing, furniture and jewelry … a true Texas Woman.  

Started making great leather, lace & silk flower jewelry some with conchos in the early 1990’s, for fun and personal adornment but never sold a great deal, mostly at arts & crafts fairs & to friends & family. First tried my hand at beading in the Fall of 2009 when my younger sister showed me some jewelry she had made with glass & metal beads … just cute, fun things but something she enjoyed and found relaxing.

I decided to try my hand at it, only I was interested in making beautiful jewelry with all sorts of stone beads giving the pieces a Southwest flair. We were fortunate enough to meet and become friends with many American Indian artists in our travels and that added to my love of stone & Southwest designs. 

I took a basic 2 hr class from a local bead store here in Fort Worth, The Artful Bead, and was soon off and running with my own original designs. ” I have found my passion!” I am retired and have time to express my creativity and really enjoy the “spirit” of the stones. At this point I have made more than 100 pieces, many of them sets of necklace & earrings some with matching bracelets.

Thanks for the opportunity to become better acquainted with Cool Tools. This is wonderful & unexpected, I am delighted, thank you.”

Stay Tuned for winner #3 tomorrow!


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