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Bead & Button Show Classes

Backyard Birdhouse by Dianne Dieter

Aphrodite Pendant by Dianne Dieter

Every year, the Bead & Button Show is put on in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee is only an hour away from Jefferson, Wisconsin, where Cool Tools is located. Classes are offered at the Bead & Button Show with a huge variety of techniques and skill levels. Rhonda and Dianne, employees of Cool Tools took some classes to keep up their knowledge in the jewelry artist world. Each teacher was wonderful to work with and an inspiration to learn from.


Classes included (from the first to last picture):

Backyard Birdhouse in Silver Clay with Lyle Rayfield

Aphrodite Pendant with Kaska & Katherine Firor

Kiln-Fired Enamel Earrings with Sherie Gage

Spinner Ring with Robyn Corelius


We both learned a great deal of technique and instruction at these classes and can’t wait to take more next year!

Kiln-Fired Enamel Earrings by Rhonda Rein

Spinner Ring by Rhonda Rein

Artist Project Series: Creating a FS999™ Vessel Pendant By Janet Harriman

Our second featured artist for the Artist Project Series with Creative Fire is Janet Harriman. Janet has been working with metal clay for almost 14 years, and has been making jewelry and winning awards for over 40 years. She teaches workshops on metal clay, metalworking and enameling. For the Artist Project Series, Janet has created this unique Vessel Pendant out of FS999 Fine Silver Clay.

In the article found below, Janet takes you through her process step by step. Her process is particularly interesting because of a failure she experiences during firing, which leads her to an inventive fix.

To view Janet’s process and to learn more about her, please click here.