Monthly Archives: September 2017

Artist Project Series: Liz Sabol

Wow! The possibilities really are endless when working with EZ960®. Our ninth artist for the Artist Project Series with Creative Fire using EZ960 Sterling Silver Metal Clay is Liz Sabol, a relative newcomer to the jewelry world, who is also a veteran in design and graphic arts. This EZ960® piece is a Champlevé design that utilizes colored depressions in a solid piece. Follow along and learn her Saul Bell Design Award winning work step by step as well as more about Liz Sabol here.


Artist Project Series: Cynthia Thornton

Our eighth artist for the Artist Project Series with Creative Fire using EZ960® Sterling Silver Metal Clay is Cynthia Thornton, a maker of small things from Asheville, NC. This is a multi-media project that combines EZ960® Sterling Silver Clay, resin, polymer clay and beads and finishes of your choice! Follow along and learn her process step by step for making this beautiful piece as well as more about Cynthia Thornton here.