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Irina Vasilieva: EZ960™ Sterling Ring & Earrings


We are continuing to receive beautiful photos from artists using EZ960™ Sterling.  Irina Vasilieva, metal clay artist from Russia created this beautiful ring and earring set. The earrings were fired at 1724°F/940°C for 15 minutes and the ring was fired at 1700°F/927°C for 1 hour. The stone is a crystal of the polychrome tourmaline – 8mm in length.

EZ960 is a great, all purpose metal clay with excellent working properties. Because the clay is a sterling silver alloy, one of its best attributes is its post firing strength, in comparison to fine silver. This inherent strength makes EZ960 the perfect choice for jewelry that takes lots of abuse, such as rings and bracelets. For more information on this product, download the EZ960 Sterling Instruction and Firing Guide.
















Irina is a professional artist and jeweler. Certified instructor of the Russian branch of the International School ArtClay World, a member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists (TSHR) and the Moscow Union of creative youth (ICTM).

Check out Irina’s website:

Artist Project Series: Gordon K. Uyehara

gordonring_1We are delighted to support and introduce “The Artist Project Series” by Creative Fire. This series will feature 12 artists over the next year or so. Each artist will let us observe into their studio while they create a piece of art using EZ960™ Sterling Silver Clay.

The first featured artist is Gordon Uyehara from Honolulu, Hawaii. Gordon has created a beautiful and intricate Pangolin ring, while showing his process step by step.

To view this process and an interview with Gordon Uyehara by UK artist Julia Rai, click here.

gordonring_finger gordonring_front

New Polymer Clay Products!



FIMO is the first polymer clay brand to ever be created in 1954. For many years, it was the only polymer clay brand, and now is most common in Europe. FIMO is easily worked, holds its shape well and is strong after baking. We now carry two kinds of FIMO – Effect and Soft. FIMO Effect has different effects including night glow, glitter, translucent, metallic, stone, pastel and gemstone. FIMO Soft is smooth and soft, with blending made easy by practical division into 8 portions.



Rub’n Buff

Rub ‘n Buff is a wax-based cream that comes in 1/2 ounce tubes. Use to add a metallic look to your polymer clay. Lightly brush Rub ‘n Buff on, or rub it in with your finger. Keep in mind that this product contains actual metallic particles and gives a more matte look.



Sculpey UltraLight & Polyform Model Air Clay

Sculpey UltraLight is lightweight and extremely soft but bakes so hard that it won’t crack or break, even in larger pieces. UltraLight can be used as a filler for polymer clay beads, making the beads light and comfortable. The baked-hard clay can be sanded, drilled, buffed and painted with acrylic paints. It even floats, making it perfect for crafts such as floating candle holders. It can also be mixed with other clays to add color!

Polyform Model Air Modeling Clay needs no oven or kiln to cure. It is perfect for adding detail to polymer clay projects. It is smooth, lightweight, durable and can even be painted!





Wipe Out Tool 

The Wipe Out Tool is a polymer clay tool for sculpting, smoothing, cleaning up edges and painting all in one! This tool is a great alternative for when your finger just can’t get into those small areas or make that certain shape.