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Discover Natural Beauty: New Natural Gemstones

Introducing our stunning new selection of Bamboo Agate, Chrysocolla, Crazy Horse Jasper, Natural Druzy, and Kyanite featuring all new colors, patterns, shapes and cuts!

New Natural Stones

Bamboo Agate features brilliantly banded patterns of white, clear, black, greyand orange. Agate enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for both students and artists. It is also known as a good luck stone. As a stone of harmony, one of the things agate does is balance yin/yang energy. Agate increases energy. Chrysocolla is a hydrous copper silicate, often forming with copper salts, iron and manganese oxides. Chrysocolla is known to form in oxidation zones of copper ore bodies and is actually considered a minor ore for the mineral copper. Although Chrysocolla may be a ‘lesser known’ gemstone, it is still a very fascinating stone that is highly sought-after by many avid gem and mineral enthusiasts. Chrysocolla belongs to a very small group of copper-bearing gems which gives it the green coloring and patterns. This Chrysocolla comes from Arizona, a well know copper mining area. Crazy Horse Jaspers add a bit of whimsy and wonder to the mix, encouraging us to enjoy life, to seek beauty and humor, and to not take ourselves too seriously. Druzy, also often spelled drusy, druse or drusies, refers to tiny quartz crystals that form within or on the surface of other stones. A Druzy stone features this unique crystal-like finish that has the look and feel like no other stone.  It occurs within geodes, which are hollow, spherical rocks, and lines the interior walls and cavities that occur. This dense form of quartz called chalcedony forms the exterior rind, and what is left is a beautiful druzy finish. Our Druzy gemstones range from bright white and pinks to brilliant reds, browns and greys.

These beautiful gemstones are all different and unique; find freeform cabs, matched pairs, drilled pendants and calibrated shapes.

Each image is the individual stone you will receive. Order now before they are gone.

New in the Video Library: More Cool Tool Demos!

Clay PunchesClay Punches

Drilling accurate holes in your clay creations is very important. Having a tool to create clean holes without extensive drilling and filing can save you a lot of time. In this tool demo, learn to use our clay punch tools for adding perfectly sized holes to your jewelry projects.

Our clay punch tool sets are specifically designed for adding accurate holes in your clay creations. These handy little sets allow you to pick the size you need, so your hole fits perfectly with your design. The punches come in sets of 3, and are available in multiple sizes of round, rectangle, and square shapes. Each set stacks up within itself, and stores easily on your jewelry bench.

Knew Concepts SawsKnew Concepts Saws

A jeweler’s saw is a cornerstone on any jewelry bench. Having a top of the line saw with all the features you need can be well worth the money and add a new dimension to your work. In this tool demo, discover our Knew Concepts saws, and see why these tools are a cut above the rest.

Knew Concepts saws are designed to be exceptionally light and rigid. This saw frame provides precise control, reduced blade breakage, and virtually no flex. Best of all, the hardened aluminum frame is extremely light and easy to handle. Cool Tools carries this product in 3” and 5” frets, and each one has its own unique features.

Using a Bench ShearUsing a Bench Shear

Cutting thick metals can take a good amount of effort. Having a tool to quickly and easily cut and trim your creations can save you a lot of time and work. In this tool demo, learn to use our economy bench shear, and see how this powerful tool can help you cut through your metals effortlessly.

Our economy bench shear is a great tool for quickly and accurately cutting through thicker metals. The 6” cutting blades are made from high temper carbon steel and can cut non-ferrous metals up to 10 gauge. This style of long handle bench shear works great for quickly cutting smaller pieces of thick material, and it’s very affordable.

June’s Review Winner Is Here

Congratulations to Danielle Nunn-Weinberg, the winner of the Cool Tools Review Contest for June. Danielle has won a $100 gift certificate for reviewing the Nouveau Fouquet Texture Tile she purchased from us. Danielle gave our texture a top 5-star rating and said, “This texture tile completely captures the feel of the Art Nouveau (AN) movement. It produces a pattern that contains the best artistic elements of AN: fluid, curving lines, scrolls and coils, along with small details which focus one’s attention on the larger whole. On a more practical note, the pattern makes absolutely gorgeous pendants and earrings.”

Danielle-Nunn-WeinbergDanielle was excited about being the June winner:

“Thank you so much!  My birthday was last week and this feels like a belated birthday present.  LOL!  I am completely thrilled that I should win something.  Hmmm, about me… Well, I have a rather diverse background so I shall try to summarize it. After high school, I spent three years between two different universities.  After that I decided to go to college to get a more practical education.  I graduated from their Public Relations program and discovered that the economy at the time was terrible and that there weren’t any jobs in my field.

It was then, with my husband’s encouragement, I finally found something I enjoyed.  I would have applied to the jewelry making program at a different college except that it was too late, admissions were closed for that program but still open for the Gemology program.  I loved it and happily became a Graduated Gemologist.  After graduating, I did some temp work and started in the jewelry program part time.  When I was about half way through the jewelry program I got offered a place in the University of Saint Thomas Art History Master’s  program.  So my husband and I picked up and moved to the Twin Cities for graduate school.  I loved grad school and was almost disappointed when I graduated because it was so much fun.  So I got a Master’s in Art History, specialized in 16th century English clothing and textiles.  After that, I went to England to get my doctorate but health problems stopped me from finishing my degree and I came home at the end of the first year.  After I got back, I was looking for something I could do, I discovered an introductory class in PMC.  I was so glad I did this, since it felt so right immediately.  I made my first PMC jewelry sale to the class’s instructor.  It was a ring (which fit her perfectly) and the design of it became integral to my developing style.  Although my interest in historical textiles and clothing continues, it felt like texture was lacking in many cases.  PMC fed my love of texture and provided an outlet for my creativity.  Although I like it best when I can mix various media, like my lampworking, PMC, traditional silversmithing, and various textiles,  texture is also why I love your products so much.


After every purchase, you have the opportunity to review your products. Your reviews help fellow jewelry artists better understand the products we offer. You can review any product by simply going to the product page and clicking “write a review”. Each review gives you an entry into our review contest.  Help us congratulate Danielle!

Made By Mother Nature: All New Natural Gemstones

Introducing our inspiring new selection of Ocean Jasper, Amethyst Stalactites, Kambaba Jasper, Druzy Stalactites, and Orbicular Jasper featuring all new colors, patterns, shapes and cuts!

All New Natural Gemstones

Ocean Jasper is unusual jasper found only at a remote location on the coast of Madagascar that can only be mined at low tide! The colors vary widely, including white, green, pink, red, black, blue. The wild polka dots, wavy lines, and multi-colored floret patterns of Ocean Jasper make this a gorgeous and exciting stone. Stalactites are formed at the roof of a cave and begin with one drop of mineral-rich water. When the drop falls, it leaves behind the thinnest ring of calcite. Each subsequent drop that forms and falls deposits another ring. Over time, these rings build to create a stunning column of minerals. Kambaba Jasper is one of the more exotic Jaspers, a rare orbicular variety from Madagascar and South Africa. In its depths one can literally glimpse the origins of life on our planet and touch a tangible form of the primordial ooze that nurtured our atmosphere and advanced the creation of all living things. A sedimentary stone, Kambaba Jasper is comprised of microcrystalline Quartz interlaced with Stromatolites, ancient fossilized colonies created by cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and other primeval microorganisms. These Stromatolites date back more than three billion years and are the oldest known fossils, containing the earliest records of life on Earth. Orbicular Jasper is a variety of jasper which contains variably-colored orbs or spherical inclusions or zones. Jasper is a variety of chalcedony (the quartz family) and means “spotted or speckled stone”.

These beautiful gemstones are all different and unique; find freeform cabs, matched pairs, drilled pendants and calibrated shapes. Each image is the individual stone you will receive. Order now before they are gone.

Express Yourself With 25 New Antique Molds

The next exciting batch of Antique Molds has finally arrived. These new designs are some of the coolest molds we offer.

25 New Antique MoldsAntique Molds are the perfect way to express your personality. Pick out the molds that are just right for you like: Hummingbird, Rain Kissed Leaf, Parrot Bay, Small Garden Bug and so many others. Use them for centerpieces, accents, components and texture; so many molds, so little time!

Our antique molds are hand crafted from the original element so you get a perfect impression. A mold is a great way to own the beauty of these collectibles without the investment of the original, and the sizes are just right for jewelry components.  We use 100% silicone mold material that does not stick to metal clay, or any other type of clay, so no release is needed. Use any type of precious metal clay, polymer or ceramic clays. The molds can be placed on a heat source to dry, and can even be placed in an oven or toaster oven. Our molds are safe to 500F.

Most of our molds have flat bottoms for easy molding. Use the molds as stampers or impress small bits to create a collage.

Shop over 400 beautiful Antique Molds today to be the first to get these new and exciting designs.

New Reduced Kiln Pricing!

The summer savings are heating up. We just reduced our Evenheat and Paragon kiln pricing and are extending the discounts to you!

You will not find a better deal out there. Checkout the deep discounts now available including our new Evenheat models like the powerful Copper and Studio Pro kilns.

New Reduced Kiln PricingThe Copper kiln is built entirely of firebrick to offer the metal clay artist the opportunity to explore materials in the higher temperature ranges. Many clays require temperatures up to 2200F and the Copper has the capability to get you there. The Copper is stock equipped with the easy to use Set-Pro control with preset metal clays programs as well as allowing for custom programming. The Studio 8 began the personal kiln concept and continues to offer its unique, lift-off design. The design allows the artist to completely separate the kiln lid and floor from the firing chamber. This characteristic alone defines this fun little kiln and allows artists to do some strange and wonderful things not available in any other design. The Studio Pro features our Dual Access Design. The Dual Access Design combines traditional front and top loading features into one, truly revolutionary kiln. The Studio Pro gives you all the advantages of both front and top access in a single, dual hinged design that’s smooth and precise. The Studio Pro offers more in performance and flexibility than any other kiln in its class.

Shop and save on all of our most popular models. Get your new kiln today at our new discounted pricing to kick off your summer creating. And remember, all kilns ship FREE!

Even More Natural Gemstones

Introducing our inspiring new selection of African Green Opal, Cripple Creek, Crazy Lace Jasper, Desert Jasper, and Wild Horse Magnesite featuring all new colors, patterns, shapes and cuts!

New Natural Gemstones

These beautiful gemstones are all different and unique; find freeform cabs, matched pairs, drilled pendants and calibrated shapes. Our African Green Opal stones display a unique, eye-catching mixture of earth tone jasper matrix embedded with green opal. African Green Opal is used to promote inner peace, love, and compassion.  This stone helps bring about emotional healing, simplicity, and clarity to the wearer. Cripple Creek Jasper comes from mines in the Owyhee Mountains of Eastern Oregon. Cripple Creek is a very hard jasper that takes a glossy polish. The natural scenes formed in the rock are reminiscent of the area in which it is found. Crazy Lace Jasper offers brilliant colors and intricate patterns of pink, red, white and cream. Our Crazy Lace Jasper are available in coordinated necklaces that are pre-drilled and are ready for embellishing. Desert Jasper features stunning patterns of yellows and browns. This stone resembles a desert scene and is often compared to the desert landscape. Wild Horse is a combination of magnesite and hematite and is mined in the Gila Wilderness area of Southern Arizona. The name is believed to be derived from the spotted brown pinto horse due to its resemblance. This gemstone is generally white with a brown to purple hue matrix running through the white magnesite. You will not find any two Wild Horse gemstones alike.

Each image is the individual stone you will receive. Order now before they are gone.

The May Survey Winner Is Here

Congratulations to Tricia Bruns, the winner of the May Cool Tools Survey Contest. Tricia has won a $100 gift certificate simply for offering us her thoughts.

Tricia was excited and told us a little about herself:

Jewelry By Tricia BrunsI am so beyond thrilled that I won! I got the email in the middle of a conference and almost yelled out loud!!

I have been making jewelry for 11 years but have recently turned my hobby into income. I have had an Etsy store for 8 months and love the freedom I have.  I am a Louisiana work from home mom of 3 and I homeschool.

I make a lot of forged copper and stamped metal and also bullet jewelry. I have always wanted to try metal clays and decided to dive right in a few months ago.  I am still learning but have sold everything I have made so far.

-Tricia Bruns”

After every purchase, you receive an email asking you to take a survey. Your thoughts help us improve as a company and also help us better understand your needs. Each month, we select a winner and the next one could be you!

Help us congratulate Tricia this month and keep offering us your thoughts!