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Define Your Designs with Vintaj Patina and Glaze

VintajVintaj has arrived! Add exciting color to your creations with new Vintaj Patina and Glaze.

Vintaj Patinas are permanent and opaque inks specifically designed for metals. Available in 25 Colors and 9 assorted color packs, Vintaj allows you to mix and match your favorites to define your designs.

Vintaj adheres to all metal and creates beautiful, durable patina effects. Create your own color schemes by using different patinas.

Shop the huge selection of Vintaj Patina and Glaze today to make your jewelry creations stand out from all the rest.

Watch our new Vintaj tool demo and learn how to add beautiful and permanent color to metal!

August Random Review Winner

Congratulations to Dorien Green, the winner of the Cool Tools Random Review Contest. Dorien has won a $100 gift certificate for reviewing a honeycomb soldering board. Dorien gave our soldering board a top 5-Star rating and said, “Great product. The size of the soldering pad is perfect for small job”.

Dorien was excited about being the August winner:

Green-Dorien-Facinator“I thought I would send you a photo of a piece I have just entered into a juried event at the Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA. The show itself will run December 2013-February 2014. The piece  is called ‘Facinator’  after a Facinator Orchid, which was my model. It is forged and fabricated in Copper, Silver and a Baroque Pearl. The Monterey Metal Arts Guild is sponsoring this show and I am a board member of the Guild. I have found belonging to a Metal Arts Guild has opened up many new opporturnites for me to grow as a Metal Artist. I have been working as a Metal Artist for the past 7 years, taking classes from many wonderful Metal Artists in San Diego and now in Santa Cruz, CA. I have my studio in my home, which makes it convenient to work on projects when time allows. Most of my work is one of a kind, inspired by the Ocean and Nature!

I am so thrilled to be chosen as August’s Product Review winner! I am definitely a ‘toolie’ (someone who loves metal arts tools), so your generous Gift Certificate will be very much appreciated. Thank You Cool Tools!!

Dorien Green”

After every purchase, you have the opportunity to review your products. Your reviews help fellow jewelry artists better understand the products we offer. You can review any product by simply going to the product page and clicking “write a review”. Each review gives you an entry into our review contest.  Help us congratulate Dorien!

New in the Video Library!

Wire Twisting Pliers

Wire is an essential element for creating all sorts of jewelry. One way to add interest to your piece is to use twisted or patterned wire in a variety of metals. In this tool demo, learn to use the New Videos!Wire Twisting Pliers to make beautiful twisted wire in one simple and repeatable motion.

Jewelers Miter Cutting Vise

When soldering and creating jewelry, getting seamless joints and perfect edges is a difficult and time consuming task. An artist can spend a ton time filing and cutting, while trying to get a square edge. In this tool demo, learn to use the Jewelers Miter Cutting Vise to make quick work of getting the perfect edge for seamless joints, every time.

Interchangeable Texturing Hammer

Adding texture is the perfect way to add interest and appeal to your piece. One reliable way to add texture to metal is with a hammer. In this tool demo, learn to use the Interchangeable Texture hammer, featuring more options for adding beautiful texture to your creations.

More Options for More Creating – New Kato PolyClay!

New Kato PolyClayIntroducing the new addition to our polymer clay selection – Kato! Kato Polyclay is a unique line of polymer clay created specifically for artists.

Kato Polyclay was formulated to embody the most desirable working properties possible. Strength, stability, firmness, and a wide spectrum of colors allow users to create pieces of artistic excellence.

Kato bakes in 10 minutes to become a hard, durable material. Stronger than other clays, objects made with Kato Polyclay become permanent works of art that will resist breaking and wear over time. Its versatile and smooth texture allows for detailed results for all types of work including figures, caning, jewelry, home décor, and model making. All colors in the line may be inter-mixed to produce any color or effect imaginable. It is the first polymer clay created by an artist, for artists.

Try the extensive new selection of Kato today to explore the colorful and creative world of polymer clay.