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Introducing New Embossed Jewelry Artist Elements

Beautiful & romantic, arts & crafts Jewelry Artist Elements have just arrived at Cool Tools featuring embossed patterns for your jewelry designs!

Create embossed vining floral designs, nature inspired components, moths, and more along with generously sized coordinating textures.

These beautiful texture sheets feature designs that are perfect for making many different jewelry components such as earrings, connectors, links, pendants, bails and more.

Shop our expanded selection of beautiful Jewelry Artist Elements today and take your jewelry projects to a whole new level.

Introducing New Templates: Huggy Chickens & Bats!

Our awesome new Huggy Bat and Huggy Chicken templates make the most adorable jewelry with hinged wings, and they are so easy to use!

1. Cut out wings, body and other parts.

2. Paste heart and other parts in place and dry.

3. Make a tube for hinges and dry.

4. Cut tube into equal pieces to make knuckles and drill pilot holes.

5. Paste knuckles in place, dry, fire and add hinge pin.

Start making unforgettable jewelry with these one-of-a-kind templates today.

Learn to make hinges with our new Huggy Chicken video project! It’s so easy to make jewelry with moevable parts.

March’s Survey Winner

Congratulations to Nanette Mickle, the winner of our March Survey Contest. Nanette has won a $100 gift certificate simply for offering us her thoughts.

Nanette was excited and told us a little about herself:

“I am a wife and mother of three with a passion for birds.  I have a Purple Martin (a type of swallow) colony in my back yard which I have nurtured for many years. Most of the housing was made by me including a wooden house and cavities made from natural gourds. I have a total 62 nesting cavities.

Three years ago, I decided to expand the purpose of my colony to include research on migration by using geolocators, a state of the art, light-reading device which fits like a backpack on an individual bird and can track it’s migration to Brazil and back. Hopefully, we can get insight into the steep decline of our insect-eating migratory birds. Some areas in the northeast have experienced a 70% population decline of some species in the last 20 years while other species are experiencing an ANNUAL population decline of 5-7%.

While many of my expenses are covered by grant money, there is still considerable out-of-pocket expense which is why I am (in the process of) starting my jewelry business ‘Birds with Backpacks’. All proceeds will go to research expenses.

I discovered your website several months ago and it is what gave me the inspiration to start my business.  Watching Mardel made me realize that even I could make beautiful jewelry.  Actually, that is my only complaint about the Cool Tools website.  Mardel makes it look too easy.  I have never seen her have to re-roll her clay so many times that it dries out and  then takes a week to re-hydrate!  I guess practice will make perfect and I am enjoying the learning process.

My favorite inspiration is nature and of course, birds. I love the flexibility PMC3 clay gives me to create individual artwork.  I also enjoy basic metalsmithing techniques such as  sawing sheet silver and soldering. So far, I have made a several pendants but as I learn and my skills and speed increase, I may even try making earrings. I am just kidding, the sky is the limit!

The Cool Tools website is one of my favorites. It is easy to navigate, the products are of high quality and the learning center is AWESOME.  Naturally when I was offered the opportunity to take a survey, I responded immediately.  I never imagined that I would actually win the $100 shopping spree!!  I am absolutely thrilled!  Hmmm, where to begin….



After every purchase, you receive an email asking you to fill out a survey telling us about your experience. Your thoughts give us insight into how we can improve, what new products you want, and any other suggestions you might have. When you fill out the survey, you get an entry into a drawing for a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate. A winner is selected every month!

Keep filling out our survey and help us congratulate Nanette this month!

Save Some Green with Free Shipping April 20 – 23

Happy Earth Day! All online orders get FREE SHIPPING on all items store-wide April 20 – 23.

No minimum purchase amount required. Stock up and save some green. All international customers get $5 off their shipping costs.

Enter the code: “GREEN” in the coupon code box during checkout. Order right now – free shipping ends soon!

Free shipping applies to online orders shipped to all 50 U.S. states and is sent via UPS Ground or USPS at our option. Code must be entered at checkout to qualify and placed online within qualifying dates. Kilns excluded to HI & AK. Free Shipping ends 4/23/12 at 11:59pm CST.

Check Out Everything New This Month

A fresh new batch of products has arrived this week! Everyone will find something they will love.

Shop our new selection of innovative productivity tools including our new Silver Solder, Clay Shapers, Embossing Sets, Kiln Wash, Wubber Pliers & much more!

Our new size of Silver Solder with flux allows easy flow at 1325F. Combined solder and flux eliminates over- or under-fluxing. This paste solder reaches melting temperature quickly, reducing heat damage. Our new Embossing Sets have everything you need to personalize, texture, stamp and cut your clay. For use with all clay types, this set makes it easy to make your own work of art. our new Clay Extruder Adapter Set includes 5 1″ discs and 1 extruder adapter featuring sophisticated shapes. New Kiln Wash is painted on to hard ceramic kiln shelves to keep glass, enamels, and glazes from sticking to the ceramic kiln shelf. Without kiln wash, anything that sticks to the shelf would need to be ground away, leaving a gouge in the expensive shelf.

These tools are perfect to help you get the job done quick and easy. Get these new products today right here at Cool Tools.

Finish Off Your Designs With Enticing New Findings

An avalanche of new Jewelry Findings has just been added to inventory featuring three lavish finishes.

Our ample new collection of jewelry findings includes hooks, embeddables, clasps, eyelets, jump rings, settings, bails, charms, swivel hooks & connectors, pendants & so much more!

Our new embeddable eyelets are designed for use with BRONZclay and COPPRclay and can be embedded in wet clay and co-fired. The unique tab allows the clay to lock around the finding during sintering. We offer new Beaded Heishi,  a staple for jewelry designers to use as a spacers between beads or stack for effect. Mix various sizes and metals for endless design possibilities. Our wonderful new selection of connectors can be a featured component, a filler, or a base for construction and collage. They can even serve as texturing tools. Discover you new & sturdy charms. They are heavier than a stamping since they are solid metal rather than stamped from a sheet. Our new Pinch Bails are decorative and come with a simple jump ring. A pinch bail is generally used with a pendant. The pegs are positioned over a hole in the pendant and pinched closed to lock the pendant in place. Check out the new selection of toggle clasps and hook & eye clasps. Coordinate your designs with a sturdy and beautiful clasps and secure your bracelets, necklaces and anklets.

Shop our entire extensive selection of Findings today and make Cool Tools your one stop shop for jewelry making.

March’s Random Review Winner Is Here

Congratulations to Wanda Cardenas, the winner of our Random Review contest for March. Wanda has won a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate simply for reviewing a product she purchased.

Wanda reviewed some Flex-Rite Satin Gold she purchased from Cool Tools and said it was “Very strong wire. Good for holding metal and heavy beads”.

Wanda was excited and told us a little about herself:

“Yay! Guess who won the random drawing this month? ME! So excited!

I discovered metal clay about 2 years ago and it instantly became an obsession of mine. I create pendants and earrings and set natural gemstones on most pieces. Love the fine Silver PMC but must admit that the results of the Bronze PMC is my very favorite. The warm color of the bronze and the gorgeous hues it takes once you add a slight patina must be the most beautiful compliment to gemstones of warm colors.  I love combining paterns, textures and shapes which end up in a one of a kind unique piece of jewelry.

I purchased all of my first jewelry making inventory from Cool Tools; from my kiln to antique molds, bezel wire and everything in between. Selection and quality are paramount for me. Cool tools have both.  Happy cutomer here!

Thanks for the gift certificate!


After every purchase, you have an opportunity to review the products and let fellow jewelry artists know your experience with the tool. Your comments help others better understand the tools they are looking at. Simply go to the product page on the tool you want to review, scroll down and click “Write a Review”. A winner is selected every month!

Keep reviewing products and help us congratulate Wanda this month.

Add Color to Your Creations

New Gilders Paste colors have arrived at Cool Tools just in time to brighten up your spring jewelry designs.

Our new selection of Gilders Paste features vibrant colors from Tulip Red & Sandalwood to Celtic Bronze & Rich Gold.

Gilders Paste is a non-fading metallic gilding and coloring medium for metals and other surfaces. Create beautiful color effects on any type of metal and many other surfaces. Embellish silver, bronze, and copper clays. Add color to metal stampings, castings, and fabrications in steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and other metals. Gilders Paste works beautifully with brass stampings, filigree, metal castings, ceramics, wood, etched glass, polymer clay, resin and more. Check out our quick tips below for using Gilders Paste!

Tips for Using Gilders Paste

  1. Metal surface should be abraded for good adhesion.
  2. Thin with mineral spirits to create a wash, paint or stain.
  3. Apply with a sponge, paint brush, clay shaper, cloth, stencil brushes, rubber stamps cotton swabs, or fingers.
  4. Apply in coats of different colors to create exciting textures and effects.
  5. Colors can be blended for more design options.
  6. Buff base coat immediately after application with a dry cloth or one slightly damp with mineral spirits to remove Gilders Paste from the high spots, but remaining in the recesses.
  7. After 12 hours of drying, lightly buff metallic colors to produce a gilded finish.
  8. Drying time varies depending on materials, thickness of application and substrate, approximately 30 – 60 minutes to the touch on dry, low porosity, debris free surfaces.
  9. Can be sealed with clear lacquer, varnish, or urethane, Sealing is optional.
  10. Re-hydrate with mineral spirits.
  11. Apply above 60F.
  12. Store above 55F.

Shop our expanded selection of Gilders Paste featuring 28 striking colors to brighten up your designs today. Be sure to watch our Gilder Paste videos in our Tool Demos category.

New Gilders Paste colors have arrived at Cool Tools just in time to brighten up your spring jewelry designs.

Our new selection of Gilders Paste features vibrant colors from Tulip Red & Sandalwood to Celtic Bronze & Rich Gold.

Shop our expanded selection of Gilders Paste featuring 28 striking colors to brighten up your designs today.

New in the Video Library: Torch Trouble Shooting

Learning the essentials of using a torch can help you make the jewelry you have always dreamed of. Butane torches are an inexpensive way to perform many small to medium tasks from firing metal clay to small soldering operations. Learn which fuel is right to keep your torch in top working condition, how to properly fill and operate all of the torch models offered at, and more.

Metal clay firing torches (all of our large flame torches) are perfect for torch firing fine silver and copper clay pieces up to 25 grams. Smaller torches, like the Spitfire, Stingray and Hot Shot models are perfect for small soldering tasks. Use these torches to ball wire, make head pins, solder jump rings closed, and more.

Please note that while we highly recommend Blazer Triple Refine Butane, which is designed for butane torches, we do not offer this product on our website. Butane is a highly flammable material and carries a hazardous surcharge for shipping. Source your butane locally, but be sure to demand triple refined for best performance and longest torch life.

Here you will learn about properly filling the torch, choosing the right fuel, adjusting the flame for various projects and tasks, choosing the right torch for the job at hand, how to determine if the torch is functioning properly, and so much more. Torches are safe to use, easy to operate, and are the perfect tool for your next jewelry project.

Check out our ever-expanding selection of Tool Demo videos available right here in the Video Library. From Jewelry Shape Templates and Jewel Stamp techniques, to Gilders Paste and Carbon Sifting, you will learn the tips and tricks you need to use innovative jewelry making tools.