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New Pliers & Cutting Tools Have Arrived!

Brand new, ultra-high quality Pliers & Cutting Tools have just arrived here at Cool Tools. Stock up today!

You will find duck-billed, beaders, hole-punch & solder cutting pliers, plus a new line of ultra-affordable cutters & shears for every purpose.

Our Duck billed metalsmith pliers offer a great alternative when holding flat stock for finishing. With box joint construction, jaws are 1-1/4″ long and 5/8″ wide at the top. New Solder Cutting pliers work with both sheet and wire. Cuts sheet solder in 1/16″ squares or wire solder up to 18 gauge in 1/16″. The cut pieces are not flipped or launched when cut, so you will not lose your chips or pieces. Parallel Hole Punch Pliers give the user leverage and assurance that the pin goes straight through the hole every time for clean shearing action. This guarantees a clean hole without rough edges or burs in sheet stock up to 18 gauge. Our New Beaders Delight Pliers are an essential for bead stringers and wire wrappers because it is a multi-task tool. It offers a round nose for coiling wire, a flat jaw for flattening, straightening or bending at right angles, a groove for closing coils or jump rings and a side cutter. Made of stainless steel with a gentle coil return spring and cushion grip handles for comfort.

Find all these precision tools and more right here at Cool Tools!

Check out the new Cool Tips section on product pages packed with tips, tricks & great ideas for using these precision Pliers & Cutting Tools. Each Cool Tip has something unique to offer.

Cool Tips offers you insight on each tool before it’s in your hand!


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