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New Books & DVDs on Metal Clay Are Here!

This month we are expanding our library with some great books and DVDs. These books can offer insight on techniques, know-how, and secrets of metal clay and jewelry making!

The Art of Metal Clay Revised and Expanded Edition (with DVD)

Sherri Haab

This bestseller returns with all new tricks and techniques for creating jewelry and decorative items.

This edition teaches you about:

  • – The new types of bronze and copper clays
  • – Successful firing techniques
  • – How to guides on firing stones
  • – New techniques and approaches for designing projects from metal clay
  • – 30 cool and creative projects
  • – Includes DVD with 4 bonus projects


Jewelry Inspirations: Techniques and Designs from the Artist’s Studio 

Sherri Haab

Jewelry Inspirations teaches you new techniques and designs for making and designing jewelry. This in-depth look at jewelry making can give you some great ideas and inspiration in your studio!




Jewelry Techniques: The Essential Guide to Choosing and Using Materials, Stones, and Settings  

 Anastasia Young

This comprehensive look at jewelry techniques offers a wide variety of skills, techniques, and technical data for every jewelry artist. Looking for all the metals, gems, skills and know how?

In this book you’ll get it all:

  • – Step by step instructions for different jewelry projects and techniques
  • – Detailed photography to demonstrate step by step procedures
  • – 400 full-color photographs and color swatches
  • – A complete reference section with insight into tools, gems, measurements, and even a reference section with tables and charts.




Handcrafting Chain and Bead Jewelry: Techniques for Creating Dimensional Necklaces and Bracelets

Scott David Young

This edition highlights the entire chain making process for jewelry artists. Learn how to make your own chains from copper, silver, and brass. This book works great with your other metal clay projects to complete your designs!

Visit our Books & DVDs section at Cool Tools to find great deals!

Get Your Message Across

Spread the message – the new & improved AlphaDisc is here with new fonts and styles! The AlphaDisc makes it simple to add letters & symbols to metal clay with its elegant rotating wheel. Stamping out symbols, letters, words and messages into your metal clay allows you to customize and control the depth, style, and individual message on your jewelry pieces. We kept the popular fonts from our previous design and added some inspiring new ones! The AlphaDisc works on any metal clay and can open up possibilities for lettering your jewelry. The AlphaDisc come in sizes 14 & 18 point font. How does it work? The AlphaDisc comes with several type strips on a carrier sheet with all the letters, numbers, and symbols on it. The type strip is peeled off the carrier sheet and placed around the outside of the AlphaDisc. The type self-adheres to the disc and to change to a different size or type style, just peel off the old strip, put it back on the carrier, then peel and stick on the new strip. Type strips are washable, reusable, and no release is needed when clay is properly conditioned. If clay sticking is ever an issue, simply apply a small amount of release to the strip after applying to the disc. We have some great videos and how to guides along with some  projects like the Affirmation Bracelet  in our Learning Center to get you started.

Creating Metal Clay Jewelry

Creating your own jewelry has never been easier! Metal Clay allows unlimited possibilities and gives jewelers the edge in shaping and making their own unique ideas reality. Start up a new hobby today, or master a technique all from the comfort of your own home when you choose Metal Clay for creating your very own jewelry.

Cool Tools gives you all the tools, resources and materials for creating your very own unique Metal Clay Jewelry. Learn how to create specific Metal Clay Projects or learn new jewelry making techniques at the Cool Tools Learning Center. Create Metal Clay Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings and more. Learn how to create all these fun projects by visiting out Learning Center. At the Learning Center you’ll find videos for how to create such unique ideas like a Copper Layered Necklace, as well as beautiful pendant projects like the Roll Over Pendant and the Drop Grid Pendant. The Learning Center also features downloadable projects and instructional videos. At Cool Tools we want to provide you with all you’ll need to become a skilled jewelry maker, so start something new today. To get started purchase a Metal Clay Kit, or find a downloadable project and order all the right supplies. Good luck!

Congratulations to Paula McDowell!

Paula McDowell of Louisiana is the lucky winner in this month’s Random Review Drawing. Paula has won an Evenheat Studio Pro kiln! Congratulations Paula!

Paula was automatically entered into our monthly drawing when she reviewed a product on our website. We love when customers write reviews because it helps the whole community to make good choices and feel confident about the products we offer.

As a fun way to say “thank you” to those who take the time write a product review, share a tip or a photo of the work they have created with our products, we select a reviewer each month from those who have participated and they win something fabulous! Paula wrote “what a surprise, and how cool!  I needed a little pick-me-up this morning. I taught 5 classes in 11 days (some of which is still being fired), I have pieces due to a gallery on Wednesday, two gallery receptions this weekend, and a one-on-one with a student to teach her to use her new kiln.  I just find my teaching obligations are feast or famine (no classes in September).”

When you make a purchase at Cool Tools, you’ll receive an invitation to review that product in a follow-up email. Simply click the link to upload your comments and photos and a chance to win.

Product reviews submitted by the jewelry making community can be found by scrolling to the bottom of a product page. This is a great way to learn what others think about a product, pick up product tips and see what fellow jewelry artists are doing with their Cool Tools.  So take a moment to share your thoughts, tips and creations with the jewelry making community and you may be the next lucky winner. Oh, and what are we giving away next month? This time, we aren’t telling, but you can be sure it’s going to be something very cool!

Jett Sett™ and Jett Basic™

More new and innovative products from Cool Tools are here and available online! Jett Sett™ and Jett Basic™ are thermoplastic compounds used for stone setting, riveting, engraving, and holding parts. Use it to make rigid molds, drying forms, texture plates, and custom clay stamping tools. Make custom handles and grips for your favorite tools. Jett Sett™ has a ceramic component that makes it so strong it can be used to make dies for hydraulic presses. Jett Basic™ offers some versatility and stays pliable for comfort grips and places you need a little rebound. Both are made workable by soaking pellets in hot water, then gathered into a ball of pliable material. Jett Sett™ becomes rock hard when it cools and cannot be chipped, cracked or broken even when applying force with hammers or hydraulics. Jett Basic™ stays slightly pliable after setting but firms as it cools.  Jett Sett™ and Jett Basic™ are the perfect fixture materials for riveting, holding difficult parts, stone setting and an endless number of other creative applications in the studio. Both Jett Sett™ and Jett Basic™ can be rewarmed and used again and again. Available in 8oz jars or 1lb bags. Get started today and have endless possibilities with Jett Sett™ and Jett Basic™.

You Asked For It, We Made It Happen…

Jumbo Rolling Frames by Cool Tools

Our all new Jumbo Rolling Frames are here! We listened to you and created what you wanted. The new Jumbo Rolling Frames make it much easier to roll your clay to card thicknesses. No little dirty playing cards to bump into your work! Just like before, each template is numbered to correspond to the number of cards in thickness they represent. These new frames are 8″ x 8″ and give plenty of room for even the largest metal clay projects. Buy individually or get the set that includes the Ultimate Non-Stick Roller in an 11″ length. It’s non-stick on every clay we’ve tried, and it’s super lightweight. You can only get these Jumbo Rolling Frames right here at Cool Tools!

Getting All the Right Metal Clay Tools

When working with Metal Clay it is essential that you have the proper tools at hand. Creating with Metal Clay is fun and easy, but certain Metal Clay Tools are necessary to complete the job. Discover the joy of using Metal Clay and make sure you have all of the proper Metal Clay tools at hand for creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.

We know that in order to create the perfect piece of jewelry requires a good knowledge of techniques and very practical tools. Choose from Stone Setting, Texture, Shape & Design Tools and even Work Surfaces & Rollers for working with Metal Clay. All of our Metal Clay Tools are guaranteed to help you finish your project with as much simplicity as possible. We carry Anti-Stick Products, Keum Boo, Molds & Forms and even Work Surfaces & Rollers. Our Metal Clay Tool Kits are perfect for beginners who need to dive straight into the Jewelry making process. Find all the right Metal Clay Tools right here at Cool Tools.

Metal Clay Success Story Contest Winner!

Congratulations to our Metal Clay Success Story Contest Winner, Dale Meyrick Wayne! I was thrilled to learn that Dale, an Art teacher was the winner of the drawing for the Studio Pro kiln by Evenheat. Dale won by submitting a photo of a necklace made by students of the Geneva School in Winter Park, Florida. Now the kids have a kiln to fire their projects with! Isn’t that awesome? Check out her website if you get a chance, she is a talented designer as well as a great teacher. Congratulations to Dale and her students!

Photo of the necklace Dale submitted

Dale Meyrick Wayne at the Orlando Art Museum

Dale worked with her 7th, 8th, and high school students to create collaborative jewelry projects. The 7th graders carved eraser tiles based on Egyptian art, printed their images on papyrus, then chose their favorites to make copper charms. The 8th graders made coins from Bronze clay and her high school students made molds or sculpted silver clay.  All three necklaces created by each class were made and sold at a fund raising auction.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Metal Clay Success Story Facebook contest. I had such a great time watching the photos come in! There are so many beautiful things being made in metal clay, and you guys are all so talented. It’s great to be a part of such a creative and happy community.