We have been working very hard to add more metal clay project videos to the site for you! We are excited about our newest project video – the dill weed pendant project, which is now available in our metal clay learning center. Check out all of our metal clay project videos to find your new inspiration!

2 Responses to “New Dill Weed Pendant Project Video!”

  1. debi says:

    i absolutely LOVE this video! i am on the verge of plunging into metal clay jewelry making and this video and the copper layered video i am excited about!
    i was wondering about the “foredam tool” she used for polishing after fireing(sp)…where do you get something like it similar to a “dremel too”?
    i have the lightweight beehive kiln..i need to purchase a microtorch for copper and bronze clay?

    another ? concerning the copper pendant: the silver clay you used to “paint” on after the copper was fired, was what kind of silver clay…pmc3, slip, just regular silver clay…what? i love the effect of silver with copper! and i LOVE the idea of saving $ “painting” silver over the copper!
    thank you for such great learning videos for us “newbies”!!!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Debi! I’m so glad you like the video! We carry the Foredom Flex Shaft in our store. (The highlighted type is a link to the item). The Foredom is light-years better than a Dremel. The Dremel is a great tool, but just does not have the power you need to work with jewelry.

    For COPPRclay, you can use a torch, but a kiln is recommended for full sintering and to avoid the trouble of quenching and pickling to remove firescale. Way easier to fire in a kiln! For BRONZclay you have to fire in a kiln.

    The item I used on the Layered Copper Clay Pendant is called Accent Silver, and it’s really a fun product. There are 2 videos on the page that I linked to for you. They show you exactly how to use the product and of course it comes with very detailed instructions.

    Hope this helps!