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Congratulations to Betty Selby-Syslo, the winner of our February Survey Contest. Betty has won a $100 gift certificate for telling us about her experience.

Betty was excited and told us a little about herself:

I was doing stained glass and wanted to be able to dangle some stones from a piece so a friend and I figured out how to wire wrap them.   All about the same time my husband and I became interested in hunting rocks, cutting, polishing and creating jewelry and art with them.  That was in 2004 which in turn grew into a love of creating jewelry and teaching others.  I make and teach wire wrapping, beading, cold connections, viking chain, working with wire and precious metal clay (4th level certified).  I also repair, restore and re-make costume and vintage jewelry.   I hope to continue to learn and share many more jewelry making avenues and would love to have my jewelry available for purchase through a well known company.

I love teaching all ages and also offer jewelry making birthday parties for boys and girls.  I have a small studio that I would like to open 2 days a week for classes and jewelry supplies.  I am so excited and completely surprised that I won this and I am also very thankful to Cool Tools for this opportunity as well as the jewelry making tools that are made available for anyone who loves the art!

Sincerely, a Cool Tool Fan – Betty Selby-Syslo”

After every purchase, you’ll receive an email asking to take a survey to tell us about your experience. We read every comment and use your thoughts to make improvements and become a better company. Each month, a winner is selected and given a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate. Help us congratulate Betty this month and keep offering us your thoughts!


Congratulations to Toni Anderson, February’s Random Review Winner. Toni has won a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate for reviewing an 8oz Rawhide Mallet she purchased from us.

Here is what she had to say on her review: “Light & sturdy. Great hammer, easy to hammer out lumps and bumps in metal of all kinds. Leaves no residual marks”

Toni was very happy and told us a little about herself and the work she enjoys:

“Yahooo!  Can’t believe it!!! I am ecstatic.

Firstly, two years ago I started playing with rocks that several generations have left about our property. I cut, broke, and polished them, literally finding a new interest and noting the beauty in the pieces. Then in the natural progression of this hobby, I started making jewelry.  I started ordering Cool Tools products which were not only super functional but fun and exciting as well (Cool tools has SO many products that make everything easier and much more enjoyable).   This is such a wonderful hobby for me (..all my stressors  leave …I loose track of time..the world becomes a better place to be).

Family and friends love my pieces (as they should–:) …but I have had several  offers to buy my necklaces!  I do not want the enjoyment to turn into work..I have a job! My son has been helpful with building tables and items for me. Then he sneaks and borrows one of my “cool tools” to round his radiator cap, or fix some other Jeep repair.UGH!  (He has taken up an interest in Cool Tools as well!!!!!)

Realizing that I could improve and expand on what I enjoy, I  take classes at Tacoma Metal Arts Center (  I have learned so much and have had such a great time, I must recommend them to all! They have every skill level and a variety of classes (metal work, setting, glass, PMC, electroplating,stone setting, as so much more).  Us “students” often ask about products/tools that we are using and Cool Tools is frequent in our conversations.  I can attest first hand that I enjoy the products and high quality.  As I learn new areas, I return to Cool Tools and am able to obtain everything I need for home “play”.

I cant thank you enough.  This hobby just amazes me. I thank you so very much.”

After every purchase, you receive an email asking you to review the products. These reviews help other jewelry artists better understand the tools & supplies they need. Reviews are posted on our site and offer unique insight from people who use our products.

Every month we have a drawing to see who wins a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate for our Random Review Contest. Every product that you review earns you one entry into the drawing. Review as many as you can!

We appreciate your reviews and ask that you keep them coming! Next month’s winner could be you. This month, help us congratulate Toni!


Congratulations to Annie Band, our Random Review Winner for January! Annie reviewed a pack of Natural Rhodolite Garnet Gemstones she purchased from Cool Tools and was selected as this month’s winner.

Annie was excited and included her bio for us:

Terrific news, thanks for the email!

Here’s my brief bio:

Annie Band has been designing jewelry for most of her life. She lives in Wilson, Wyoming with her husband Jon, their nine-year-old son Perrin, dog, cat, salamander, fish, occasional bats & lots of roaming wildlife.  She is an eclectic mix of artist, teacher, wildlife biologist, poet, and conservationist. Annie draws from a diverse toolbox to create intensely personal pieces that connect with our human spirit.

Annie’s jewelry evolves from the inspiration of powerful symbols or totems, and the inscriptions on each carry a special message for the wearer.  Every piece is hand-sculpted with a spiritual attention to the symbol and message.

Everything is made in Annie’s Wilson studio.  In order to minimize all impacts, stones used are mostly recycled or lab-grown (instead of being mined).  Metals are chosen to minimize environmental impacts as well.  This is an important reflection of Annie’s ethics.

These designs feel lovely to touch, are beautiful to the eye, and powerfully inspirational to the wearer.”

After ever purchase, you get an email asking you to review the products you purchased. You can also go to the product page on our site and scroll down to the review section and click “Write a Review”.

Your thoughts help fellow jewelry artists understand the products better. Keep reviewing products and help us Congratulate Annie this month!


Congratulations to Charlotte Tyler, the winner of the January “How Are We Doing” survey contest! She has won a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate simply for taking our survey.

Charlotte was very excited and told us a little about herself:

“It is exciting to find out I won something. Anything. I usually don’t win contests. So this is a BIG surprise.

I have been making jewelry for about 10 years, but until recently I only did beading with large stones and store bought findings. Then I discovered PMC and have been experimenting with it. I love your antique molds. Keep them coming! I’ve been selling what I make at the Waitsfield Farmers’ Market in Vermont from the end of May to mid October. I don’t yet have a website (I know, I know . . . It’s a must in this day and age) and that is one thing I am hoping to achieve before the start of the next season.

When I’m not making jewelry I am a contract worker at the Yellow Ribbon Program where I help organize events to help members of the Army National Guard and their families. I also am learning to read music and play the alto saxophone, which I picked up almost 2 years ago. It’s a lot of fun and has got me listening to more music. I got rid of my TV : there is so much to do and learn and TV is a life sucking hypno-box. I live with my 2 black-and-white cats, Patticakes and Alphalpha, respectively smart and dumb-dumb.

Thank you again for contacting me about the contest.”

After every purchase, you receive an email asking you to take a survey that lets us know about your experience. Your comments help us improve as a company and provide new products and services our customers want. A winner is selected every month so keep offering us your thoughts and help us congratulate Charlotte this month!


Congratulations to Carol Eldridge, our Survey Winner for December! Carol has won a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate simply for taking our survey!

Carol was very excited and told us a little about herself:

“I seldom win anything, so learning that I won the December survey contest was very exciting for me, especially since I love your products; and this gives me the opportunity to own even more.

I’ve been involved with many crafts throughout my life, but jewelry making is the one I’ve hit upon that most satisfies my creative desires.  I’ve spent many happy hours working with many types of jewelry making mediums (bead weaving, loom work, stringing, wirework).  I’ve even managed to sell a number of my projects.  But the medium I am most excited about is metal clay.  I am definitely a beginner in the metal clay arena; however, I look forward to making it my lifelong passion.  I long to improve my skills to the level of creating saleable metal clay jewelry and am reading, attending workshops and practicing every possible minute I can.  I’ve spent so much money on all the wonderful tools available for making metal clay jewelry that I need to advance to selling my products to justify the purchases I’ve made, not to mention those I’ve yet to make.  Thank you for the opportunity to add to my stockpile.”

After every purchase, you receive an email asking you to tell us about your experience through our survey. Your thoughts help us get better and a winner is selected every month! Help us congratulate Carol this month!


Congratulations to Valerie Valenzuela, the Random Review Winner for October! She has won a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate simply for offering us her thoughts on a product she purchased. Valerie reviewed one of our Design Stamps and gave them a 5-Star rating calling them “effective & versatile”.

Valerie was very excited and told us a little about herself:

“When I got the email that I won this months drawing I couldn’t believe it, I never win anything. I can’t wait to use my gift certificate. I started out being a sales  associate selling fine jewelry.  I was transferred to a jewelry boutique and got interested in making fine jewelry, went to school, and that is how it all began.  I am now retired and decided I wanted to do some creating and this is what I choose to do.  I enjoy working with the Art Clay and PMC and I also enjoy working with beads. Cool Tools has made it much easier with all the information I get from your website and my tool purchases.  Thank you for making this journey of my life a very enjoyable one!”

Keep reviewing products and offering us your thoughts. Your comments and reviews help other jewelry artists get a better idea of the products! Help us congratulate Valerie this month!


Congratulations to Dianna Whitlock, our ”How Are We Doing?”  survey winner for October. Dianna completed our survey after a purchase in October and was selected in our monthly drawing.

Dianna was very excited and told us a little about herself:

“Cool!  As in, Cool Tools, is my favorite site!  I’m thrilled.  :-)     I don’t often win contests so I was very nicely surprised when I opened my email today.I’ve been making jewelry for about 10 years but recently discovered PMC.  I, like so many others, am now addicted to this medium! 

I work in the field of animal welfare, dedicating my time to the rescue and adoption of dogs and cats.  I love to incorporate dogs and cats into my PMC using artwork, stamps and molds that I’ve created myself.

We’re getting ready for the second snow storm of the season here in the foothills of Colorado.  I’m planning on spending a few of those snowy hours perusing your website looking to see what wonderful things I can use in my PMC work.”

Dianna has won a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate to use any way she prefers.

Every time you purchase a product you have an opportunity to take a survey and tell us about your experience with Cool Tools. The survey only takes a few minutes and automatically enters you into a drawing to win a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate. A winner is selected every month. Your thoughts and suggestions help us get better every day.

Help us congratulate Dianna this month and keep letting us know how we are doing!


Patrice Gloss is our winner of our September Survey Contest and has won a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate!

Patrice was very excited:

“I am so excited about winning September’s survey contest. I cannot wait to start shopping with the gift certificate. I am sorry but I do not have a photo of myself to send to you. I make Jewelry for my family and friends. Last Christmas I made enough gifts to fill up a large jewelry box. I had a lot of fun doing it. I buy all my jewelry tools and metal clay from Cool Tools. I have surfed the web and Cool Tools as the best prices and the largest volume of tools that there is no reason to shop any where else. I am going to make Christmas gifts this year as well, but this time I will be adding Copper. Now that I know  Art Clay copper can be fired with a torch. I am hoping when I get better I will be buying  a kiln from Cool Tools of coarse. Thank you with gratitude.”

Keep filling out our survey and letting us know how we can improve, a drawing takes place every month. Help us Congratulate Patrice!


Congratulations to Maurice Lafferty, the winner of the August “How Are We Doing” survey contest!

Maurice was excited and told us a little about himself.

“After 85 years, nothing should surprise me but winning a $100 gift certificate from Cool Tools was certainly an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I am a WWII vet that served in the South Pacific in 1944-1945, went back to school and after 50 years as a Consulting Engineer, Land Surveyor and Aerial Photogrammetrist, retired 10 years ago to enjoy my hobbies. Gemstone faceting has a lot of mathematical elements that are common to my old professions and I was able to achieve a modest proficiency faceting stones for my family and friends. Eventually though I developed an interest in making mountings for all the faceted stones in my collection and metal clay seemed to be the way to go. I did a little research on the Internet and came across the Cool Tools site.

 What really impressed me about Cool Tools was the generosity of your company in sharing knowledge about working with the metal clays. Current books on the subject are OK but they deal mostly from the artistic view and are somewhat light on the technical aspects. Your willingness and enthusiasm to share your technical knowledge convinced me that your  firm was a good firm to deal with for supplies and equipment as well as information. It’s as simple as that. Thanks again for the welcome gift. I’ll be spending it soon to build my stock of tools and supplies.”

After every purchase you receive an email asking you to fill out a survey. Your comments help us get better everyday! Help us congratulate Maurice, the August Survey Winner!


Congratulations to Katherine Steinbring, our final Facebook Contest winner!

“Wow! I really was totally excited and surprised when I found the e-mail on Thursday night.  I am a retired high school teacher (15 years teaching art and 17 years teaching English). Discovering metal clay really saved me after I retired, as I had no idea who I was beyond being a teacher. I’m not certified from any of the metal clay certification programs, because I can’t seem to get that much money together at one time. I have and do, however, take classes as often as I can afford them. I am lucky to have a site close to home, and I took classes just so I could fire for a while (I never knew about torch firing). I spent a week at Arrowmont in TN last year, too. MCWC was my first metal clay-related conference; I also took a polymer clay class there. As silver prices continue to skyrocket and fluctuate, I am glad to have found polymer to “play” with. I do belong to the Windy City PMC Guild. Cool Tools lets me indulge my love of tools and gadgets; I actually discovered Cool Tools through my first metal clay teacher. You are the best for quick shipping (I am sure it helps that I am not that far away from you).

Thanks again for choosing me as the lucky winner! It is always great to win something, and to win a Cool Tools gift certificate is awesome!”

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Facebook Contest. We will continue to offer great contests, promotions, and inspiration through our Facebook page! Keep an eye out for something new and just post on our wall anytime if you have any questions when making your creations!