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Congratulations to Maurice Lafferty, the winner of the August “How Are We Doing” survey contest!

Maurice was excited and told us a little about himself.

“After 85 years, nothing should surprise me but winning a $100 gift certificate from Cool Tools was certainly an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I am a WWII vet that served in the South Pacific in 1944-1945, went back to school and after 50 years as a Consulting Engineer, Land Surveyor and Aerial Photogrammetrist, retired 10 years ago to enjoy my hobbies. Gemstone faceting has a lot of mathematical elements that are common to my old professions and I was able to achieve a modest proficiency faceting stones for my family and friends. Eventually though I developed an interest in making mountings for all the faceted stones in my collection and metal clay seemed to be the way to go. I did a little research on the Internet and came across the Cool Tools site.

 What really impressed me about Cool Tools was the generosity of your company in sharing knowledge about working with the metal clays. Current books on the subject are OK but they deal mostly from the artistic view and are somewhat light on the technical aspects. Your willingness and enthusiasm to share your technical knowledge convinced me that your  firm was a good firm to deal with for supplies and equipment as well as information. It’s as simple as that. Thanks again for the welcome gift. I’ll be spending it soon to build my stock of tools and supplies.”

After every purchase you receive an email asking you to fill out a survey. Your comments help us get better everyday! Help us congratulate Maurice, the August Survey Winner!


Congratulations to Katherine Steinbring, our final Facebook Contest winner!

“Wow! I really was totally excited and surprised when I found the e-mail on Thursday night.  I am a retired high school teacher (15 years teaching art and 17 years teaching English). Discovering metal clay really saved me after I retired, as I had no idea who I was beyond being a teacher. I’m not certified from any of the metal clay certification programs, because I can’t seem to get that much money together at one time. I have and do, however, take classes as often as I can afford them. I am lucky to have a site close to home, and I took classes just so I could fire for a while (I never knew about torch firing). I spent a week at Arrowmont in TN last year, too. MCWC was my first metal clay-related conference; I also took a polymer clay class there. As silver prices continue to skyrocket and fluctuate, I am glad to have found polymer to “play” with. I do belong to the Windy City PMC Guild. Cool Tools lets me indulge my love of tools and gadgets; I actually discovered Cool Tools through my first metal clay teacher. You are the best for quick shipping (I am sure it helps that I am not that far away from you).

Thanks again for choosing me as the lucky winner! It is always great to win something, and to win a Cool Tools gift certificate is awesome!”

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Facebook Contest. We will continue to offer great contests, promotions, and inspiration through our Facebook page! Keep an eye out for something new and just post on our wall anytime if you have any questions when making your creations!


Congratulations to Jo Ann Wadler – the forth Facebook Winner!

“Can’t believe that I won! I’m so very excited. It’s really awesome.

I’ve been teaching enameling and PMC at the Art league of Long Island for the last 4 years. I got involved in PMC because it was another medium to enamel on. That’s when I decided to get certified.  PMC is so versatile and easy for the beginner jeweler.  Many of my students get hooked on PMC after the first project when they find out how user friendly it is. A traditional jewelry class would take a lot longer to complete a ring, bracelet or a pair of earrings which can sometimes be frustrating but PMC lets you use the background knowledge of jewelry fabricating to help you create as well as cross over and use techniques you might have learned in metalsmithing.

I tell all my students to go to Cooltools for supplies. Not only do you have excellent customer service but your shipping is lighting fast. I’m inclosing some examples of my work. All of my PMC3, findings , stones were all purchased at Cooltools. Can’t thank you enough!”

On Monday we’ll announce the final winner! Stay tuned!


The 3rd Facebook winner has been selected and congratulations to Camilla Byrne!

“What a brilliant surprise, I never win anything!

Well, I am a mum to three amazing girls and I am relatively new to metal clay.  I spent heaps of time researching metal clay and found your site to be one of the very best resources on the web.  Your youtube clips have been invaluable.  I have a wishlist a mile long!  Mostly I would love to get myself a tumbler and some textures.

Thanks for a fantastic site and for making my day.”


Only two more winners left – stay posted to see who wins!


The second selection for the Facebook contest has been completed – Congratulations to Vickie Peach!

“Wow, what a great surprise! I am in my early 60′s, a native Texan who has also lived in Arizona and New Mexico thanks to my husband’s work and am now back home in Texas. Have always loved Southwest design in clothing, furniture and jewelry … a true Texas Woman.  

Started making great leather, lace & silk flower jewelry some with conchos in the early 1990′s, for fun and personal adornment but never sold a great deal, mostly at arts & crafts fairs & to friends & family. First tried my hand at beading in the Fall of 2009 when my younger sister showed me some jewelry she had made with glass & metal beads … just cute, fun things but something she enjoyed and found relaxing.

I decided to try my hand at it, only I was interested in making beautiful jewelry with all sorts of stone beads giving the pieces a Southwest flair. We were fortunate enough to meet and become friends with many American Indian artists in our travels and that added to my love of stone & Southwest designs. 

I took a basic 2 hr class from a local bead store here in Fort Worth, The Artful Bead, and was soon off and running with my own original designs. ” I have found my passion!” I am retired and have time to express my creativity and really enjoy the “spirit” of the stones. At this point I have made more than 100 pieces, many of them sets of necklace & earrings some with matching bracelets.

Thanks for the opportunity to become better acquainted with Cool Tools. This is wonderful & unexpected, I am delighted, thank you.”

Stay Tuned for winner #3 tomorrow!


The time has come to select and announce the winners of our Facebook Contest! As we stated, we’re giving 5 people $100 in Cool Tools gift certificates. We ran our contest from May through June and we’re ready to reward our customers!

We’ll post 5 winners for the Facebook contest “What do You Want” survey – starting today! Keep an eye out for 1 winner each day!

The first winner is Heather Lyman. Heather was very excited and told us about herself.

“I’m so excited to hear that I actually won the survey contest!!  I honestly never thought I’d be so lucky and honestly it couldn’t have come at a better time.  So, a little bit of info about me…let’s see. 

I’m 25 years old and I’ve been making jewelry for a little under 2 years now.  I’ve had some complicated knee problems that have left me laid up and out of work since 2009.  I am not the type to be okay with just sitting around or being unproductive so I decided to use what little savings I had to buy a whole bunch of jewelry supplies with the intention of starting my own business and have had some success.  I work a lot with wire and metal, but I’ve been exploring a lot of the mediums available.  My current interest is in metal and polymer clay which is actually what brought me to your website in the first place.  I love that you guys even offered this survey, and I would have done it regardless of the chance to win.  I think it’s a sign of great customer service that you all are so eager and willing to hear from your customers and work to make your site better.  Thank you so very much!!

I know I said this already, but I am so excited that I actually won!!  Keep up the great work!”

Thank you to all who entered our contest! Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s winner!


Congratulations to Sandra Ziolkowski, the winner of the June survey drawing!

Sandra has won a $100 Cool Tools Gift Certificate simply for answering six questions! Sandra was excited and shared some of her work with us!

“Thanks sooo much, I plan to take a good hard look at everything to see what I might spend the 100 dollars on. I truely love your cool tools!”

After every purchase you receive an email asking you to fill out a survey telling us how your experience was.

Your comments help us improve our site and your shopping experience.

A drawing happens every month so keep offering us your insight!


Congratulations to Dorothy Schipper, the Random Review Winner for the month of May!

Dorothy has won a $100 Cool Tools gift certificate and was very excited!

“I initially thought this was too good to be true, so I checked out the blog and found it to be true!  I can’t believe I won this, I rarely win anything.  I have always been a crafter of sorts, starting out with sewing, needlepoint, and started on making jewelry in 2006.  I started in stringing beads, learning from bead magazines and books.  I was basically a self taught jewelry maker at 1st. My 1st necklace was string on very thin wire, as I did not want to do needle and thread as it was too uncomfortable on my eyes.  The necklace eventually broke as I did not use flexible wire. I went on to try wired jewelry, and silver clay jewelry for the past year. I now want to get into metalsmithing with copper, brass and silver.”

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Congratulations to Nancy Barnes, the winner of the May survey drawing!

Nancy has won a $100 Cool Tools Gift Certificate simply for answering six questions! Nancy was excited and shared some of her work with us!

“Here are a couple of pictures of earrings from my ‘Bits n Pieces’ collection. The first pair have labradorites hanging from them and are made with art clay silver. The second pair is also art clay with keum boo and CZ’s on the dangle.

My business is called ‘Metallikos’ which is Greek and means fashioned from metal.  Not only do I love working with all the metal clays, I love hammering jewelry out of sheet metal.

I plan to use my $100 for findings.  I’m anxious to try the new patina finishes that you have.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to show my work!”

After every purchase you receive an email asking you to fill out a survey telling us how your experience was.

Your comments help us improve our site and your shopping experience.

A drawing happens every month so keep offering us your insight!


Dawanna has won a $100 Cool Tools Gift Certificate! She was excited and told us a little about herself and her work:

“Thank you SO very much!!! I never win anything!  :)

I’d love to receive the gift certificate, which I’ll use to purchase art clay silver or bronzclay.

I create medallions, pendants and charms in silver and bronze clay, which are used as the centerpieces of my jewelry designs. Each medallion is my own design and features favorite poetry, literature verses, quotes and words of happiness written by hand. 

Here are a few photos of my work.”

After every purchase you are asked to take a survey where you can tell us how your service was and how we can improve. Every month we select one person at random and offer them their choice of metal clay or a Cool Tools Gift Certificate! Dawanna won this month but the next winner could be you!

Your comments help us improve and give you what you want.

Help us congratulate Dawanna Young, April’s Survey Winner!