Champleve / Cloisonné Pendant by Alan Rein

Written by Alan Rein


My wife, Diane and I had the opportunity to attend the Metal Clay Artist Symposium 15-18 September in Winston-Salem North Carolina. We both had a great time! Diane took stackable ring classes with Barbara Becker Simon, and I took a Champleve / Cloisonné class with Pam East, who is a great teacher. Pictured is the pendant I made with Pam’s guidance…perfect it is not; some of my ovals are a little funky, but cloisonné wire can be challenging as a beginner. Overall, I am happy with the pendant, Diane is happy to have a new piece of jewelry and I learned a LOT from Pam. If you ever get a chance to take one of her classes, do it! It is lots of fun and she is open and free with all of her knowledge. Thanks, Pam!

Alan Rein, owner, Cool Tools


September 26, 2016

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Irina Vasilieva – EZ960™ Sterling Ring

Written by Diane Rein

7-irina-ring-finished1-smWe are continuing to receive beautiful photos from artists using EZ960 Sterling.  Irina Vasilieva, metal clay artist from Russia created this beautiful textured ring.  This beauty was formed and fired flat at 1650°F / 900°C for 4 hours. Irina then formed the ring around a steel mandrel. This ring can be adjusted to multiple sizes.  These photos show her process and the final piece. For the texture, Irina used Cool Tools texture tile “Sea Current”

EZ960 is a great, all purpose metal clay with excellent working properties. Because the clay is a sterling silver alloy, one of its best attributes is its post firing strength, in comparison to fine silver. This inherent strength makes EZ960 the perfect choice for jewelry that takes lots of abuse, such as rings and bracelets. For more information on this product, download the EZ960 Sterling Instruction and Firing Guide.



About Irina: Professional artist and jeweler. Certified instructor of the Russian branch of the International School ArtClay World, a member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists (TSHR) and the Moscow Union of creative youth (ICTM).  Check out her website:

Tools used for this project
Tools used for this project
Textured and Filed
Textured and Filed
Fired ready for bending
Fired ready for bending


Bending after firing on a steel mandrel
Bending on a steel mandrel after firing
Patina applied
Patina applied


Finished Ring with Patina

September 23, 2016

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