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Written by Diane Rein

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Inventor of BRONZclay and COPPRclay, Bill Struve of Metal Adventures has a new invention called the The 3DMetalCreator.  This new innovation is a creativity tool that allows you to easily create 3D metal objects by extruding a thick metal paste.  Bill has created a kickstarter campaign to help support this invention.

What is metal paste?   Metal paste consists of very small metal particles mixed with a binder, water, and other materials. It is softer version of metal clay. When the paste is dried, it is somewhat flexible and can be refined or modified using simple hand tools like those used for metal clay. During firing, the metal particles join together into solid metal. Since the end result is metal, standard metal working techniques such as filing, drilling, polishing, soldering, welding and adding patinas can be used.


How will the funds from this campaign be used?   From his previous experience manufacturing 3DMetalCreators for the beta testers, Bill is confident that he will be able to produce sufficient 3DMetalCreators to satisfy the December, 2015 rewards. Bill needs funds to scale up production and to create a 3DMetalCreator community. Bill produces the bronze paste by methods similar to those used in the production of our metal clays. The BRONZpaste3D cartridges, on the other hand, are filled with paste from the tip so as not to introduce air. The paste is very thick and contains metal particles and is therefore not suitable for currently available cartridge filling equipment. He has developed his own equipment to fill cartridges and needs funds to scale the production. He also noticed air in a few cartridges and will need to improve the filling process to avoid this. He has literally tons of experience developing copper based metal clay and have made test batches of silver clay. Due to the requests of the beta testers he plans to use his own funds and those from this campaign to complete the development of silver paste to load into cartridges.

Created by Bill Struve using the 3DMetalCreator
Created by Bill Struve using the 3DMetalCreator

Bill’s campaign page is loaded with great photos and more of Bill’s story. Click on the orange heading at the top of the page: “Check out Bill’s Kickstarter Campaign”.

October 20, 2015

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